Spring Break or Bust 2024

Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful and Happy Easter. 🙂  I just returned from Colonial Williamsburg, VA with my knitting friend for Spring Break. Four days filled with food, shopping, exploring, spa time, knitting and crocheting. Unfortunately it rained almost the entire trip but we still had a good time. It’s always nice to have a change of scenery. […]

Grainline Studio Field Bag

Why is it that whenever you start something new, it becomes a domino effect of stuff? Not only do you need the tools to do it,  but you also need the materials and a holding cell to wrangle it all. This could be anything- Camping…need the tent, sleeping bag, etc., Baking…need the pans, utensils, mixer,.even Makeup…need every shade of red […]

New Hobby: Rosie Knits Too

Last month, my friend- a knitter- asked me if I wanted to take a “Knit Your First Hat” class with her. The opportunity to hang out and “speak the same language” motivated me to become a knitter too. As per usual, I learned off of YouTube. By the time the class came around I was ready. Youtube is awesome! Now […]

Color My World: Hope Crochet Shawl

Boy am I glad it’s 2024. Sharing with you my completed crochet shawl. This shawl has special meaning to me since I started it last year during the darkness of Winter. I knew it’d take awhile to complete (possibly spilling into the new year) so I chose happy colorful colors. I am calling this my “Hope” shawl. The Hope that […]

Hello…Remember Me?!

Hi folks! I took a little break from blogging during the holidays. Christmas season has been tough for me lately, so I just wanted to sit in my little corner and craft. I’m sure y’all know how it goes. But I’m back now and want to share with you what I’ve been up to! (A lot!) Fair warning that this’ll […]

To Me From Me: Crochet Wrap

This past February I started crocheting a scarf.  I worked on it for 2 weeks and eventually it fell into UFO status. Once Springtime rolled around the motivation to make a scarf dwindled. Recently we took a trip to Lancaster, PA. Remembering how portable crochet projects are, I dug out the scarf to start crocheting again. Oh how easy it […]

Revisiting Crochet

Last Fall I taught myself how to crochet. It was because I thought Pia might be cold from wearing sleeveless dresses, haha! Yes I realize she’s a doll but I didn’t want to take on a huge time-consuming project. This lavender sweater was my first true “big” project, completed last November. Why am I blogging about it now? Well, because […]

“It’s Showtime!”: Pia’s Beetlejuice Costume

Keeping in line with tradition, Pia chose her Halloween costume this year. I wanted to make another Princess costume since most of the pieces are already cut out, but to my surprise she chose Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice…beetle—- I used Simplicity 9567 a unisex pattern which includes a suit and tie. I remember now why I prefer making dresses- only one piece […]

See You On the Runway!

Remember when I said I wanted to put myself out there more?? Well being in a Fashion Show is pretty much the pinnacle of putting yourself out there.  All these eyeballs looking at you on stage…looking at my sewing….yeah, that’s putting yourself out there alright! A few weeks ago the Original Sewing and Quilt show stopped in our area. My […]

You Can Find Me in Da Club…the Sewing Club

I’m pretty sure when Fifty Cent sang his famous song “In Da Club” he didn’t mean the Sewing Club. Well in this case you CAN find me in da club. American Sewing Guild, that is. One of my personal goals for my new birthday year is to put myself out there a little more. Sewing has been a solitary “sport” […]

My “Axl” Mullet Shirt-Skirt

OK, so the Guns n’ Roses concert was a blast and my “Axl” mullet skirt was a hit! Believe it or not, this was the first time I’ve ever sewn something for an event. Most of the things I sew are just for the heck of it type of things, or for a contest. But I really enjoyed the experience […]

Welcome to the Jungle

What jungle am I talking about? I’m talking about the Jungle of Looks Axl Rose from Guns n’ Roses has been wearing over the years. This man is the epitome of “I wear whatever I want”. During the height of Guns n’ Roses popularity in the 90’s, Axl frequently sported the plaid look. He either wore a plaid shirt or […]

It’s In My Jeans…Ginger Jeans!

Presenting the Ginger Jeans by Closet Core. The fruit of my labor at sewing camp… and my first time sewing jeans. To Recap: I sewed a size 6, view B- the high waist skinny leg. Since we were on a deadline, I don’t have specific numerical adjustments. I took in a little at the center back and shaved off some […]

Sewing Camp: Forever in Blue Jeans

Believe it or not, I have never been to camp. Lots of kids go to summer camp but I always stayed home (and played with the Barbies). Blame it on the shyness. Well, now that I’m a big girl I think I could handle myself with other people, LOL. Last week, Make it Sew hosted a 4 day Jeans Sewing […]

Birthday Road Trip Fun

August is my birthday month and I decided to kick off my new year by doing things that make me happy. And that…my friend, is SEWING! I just returned from a fantastic trip in Lexington, VA for Jeans Sewing Camp with Make it Sew. I took a class here last year. But before I get into that, let’s talk about […]

Jalie Loulouxe Skort: Disney/Lilla

Let’s continue on with more Lilla Pulister aka faux Lilly Pulitzer! 😉 I had some Disney fabric leftover from the Clara legging so how about a skort? The Loulouxe pattern is little more complex since it has shorts underneath. But nothing we can’t handle!  I sewed the pattern as is from the envelope as a wearable muslin. What I am finding […]

Jalie: Clara/Lilla Pulister Leggings

Last February when I visited Disneyworld a Lilly Pulitzer/Disney display caught my eye. I normally just look at move on since the brand is $$.  But the Mickey and Minnie prints were so cute! I purchased the $50 hat and wore it the rest of my stay,  justifying cost per use.  Upon arriving at home I still had that magical Disney feeling […]

Simplicity 8146: Hawaiian Sundress

Back to School season is around the corner but we are still in summer mode. New batik summer dress. The pattern: Simplicity 8146. I can’t get over all the cute matchy-matchy on this one! Misses’, child and doll- this pattern has it all. Instructions: For the doll they want you to use the same construction method as the child/miss. Ok […]

Stand N’ Stow

With sewing there is always a new pattern to sew or a new technique to try. It’s never ending. I had this grand plan on starting a new quilt for myself, until somehow the Stand N’ Stow bag pattern by Atkinson Designs snuck into my queue. A friend has been raving about this bag.  She said it only took her […]

Introductions Have Been Made

What is happening here? I feel like Pia is going to hulk out that there are new gals in town. Like an enraged Godzilla swatting the helicopters. As you know, I’ve truly enjoyed sewing for Pia. But Pia can’t wear everything. Frilly dresses and princess costumes- sure. But pageant gowns, mini skirts or body con dresses- no way! Those dresses […]

We Meet Again

Ask anyone-male or female, young or old, everyone knows her. Chances are you owned one (or many), and if not you, your sister, your mom, your aunt..your classmates… maybe even all of the above. Who am I talking about? One name: Barbie. Hard to imagine a world without Barbie. No truer words have been spoken (written), at least for me. […]

Playful Pia

In true fashion, Pia got in on the action. Always thinking I’m sewing for her, she started selecting the mini blocks. And putting them on her the bed. She even tried to select a blanket for her own doll. Really?? LOL To be fair, I did say last year I’d make her bed sheets to cover her upgraded mattress. But […]


Ok so let’s state the obvious: I haven’t been blogging. But actually this is for good reasons! The Activewear kick I was on the last few months was so great in that I wore that stuff RIGHT AWAY! Like directly into wardrobe rotation…didn’t even get a chance to get proper pictures. This never happens. Everything I’ve sewn has been worn […]

Let’s Get Physical: Sewing Activewear

Well, the day has come. It’s time to reenter the world of human clothing. *gasp* Sorry Pia, you have enough clothes! Now that I have a bit of serger knowledge, I’ve decided to explore the world of activewear.  YES, activewear! I once said I’d never sew workout clothes because I love shopping at Athleta. Their clothes are of good quality […]

Serger School

I’m starting to get really excited about sewing again. It’s almost the same feeling I had when I learning how to sew nearly three years ago. Lately sewing has been on the brain so much it’s been keeping me up at night. The itch to sew (human sized) garments is coming back. My Pinterest boards are exploding with ideas and […]

Shamrock On! Simplicity 8280

March is here and I’m feeling revived and renewed. I do love the month of March, mainly because everything is GREEN! Over the years green has become one of my favorite colors. Naturally, shamrock print would catch my eye at Joann’s. Lucky Pia will get a new dress for St. Patrick’s Day. I don’t always draw out what’s in my […]

First Project of 2023: Pia’s New Nightgown

Presenting my first finished project of 2023…in March. Yes, March! Yes we are 3 months in already but this has been a really tough year in my personal life so it’s kept me away. I sometimes forget that sewing is a stress reliever and that I should create more things. Pia has been wearing her sunshine yellow PJs for almost […]

Simplicity 1581: Pia’s Snow White Costume

Whether it be the sparkly tiaras, wands or tutus, I consider myself a girly girl and have always loved princess anything. As a child I read a lot of fairy tales and watched Disney movies. Naturally, sewing something magical would be on my radar. After perusing doll patterns on Ebay, I purchased Simplicity 1581. Squealing with excitement, I asked Pia which […]

Elvira Quilt

As I mentioned in previous posts, I wanted to backlog a few projects. This is the Elvira quilt, completed last August. The Viking and I saw this quilt on display at a LQS while on vacation this past summer. He loved it so much and asked me to make it for him. Well, his wish was granted! The quilt kit […]

2022: The Year I Became a Quilter

I have to chuckle at the title of this post because it’s true. 2022 was the hardest Test in my personal life so inevitably it affected my Sewing goals. I had a great start to 2022 in garment sewing, including creating a personal sloper- and then suddenly Sewing took a different direction. Let’s quickly review my 2022 goals and if I made […]

Christmas 2022: Quilty Adventure Reflection

All nine Christmas quilts are finally documented here on my blog! It will be fun to look back on these projects. I’m glad I can finally catch up and write again. 🙂 Final Thoughts: Even if the recipient doesn’t know a thing about sewing they DO KNOW that it takes time to make one. And that’s really what you’re giving. […]

Christmas Quilts Part 3 (November Completion)

Well here we are! The last installment of the Christmas Quilt Adventure. Quilt #8: Hawaii Quilt Construction Photos: Pattern: Button Box Book: Quilts in a Jiffy Changes: Added additional row on side and bottom and enlarged the border. Used 2.5″ binding strips. Size: Oversized throw 56″ x 72″ Completion Time: 10 days. This is the longest as November was super […]

Christmas Quilts Part 2 (October Completion)

Let’s keep it going, shall we?! Quilt #4: Nine Patch Sailboat Pattern: Nine Patch Book: 3 Yard Quilt Favorites Changes: Added an additional row on the side and bottom. Used 2.5″ binding strips Size: Oversized throw 53″ x 71″ Completion Time: 3 days Notes: I used EQ8 to preview before it was sewn. This is the second time I’ve sewn […]

Christmas Quilts Part 1 (September Completion)

So now may I present the fruit of my labor! Quilt #1. Red white and blue! Pattern: Hopscotch Book: 3 Yard Quilt Favorites Changes: Added a 5″ border, used 2.5″ binding strips and pieced the back with the leftovers! Size: Oversized throw at 54″ x 78″ Completion Time: 6 days Notes: This was the first time I pieced a backing. […]

Christmas 2022: The Big Reveal

Hi, hello- Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Lol, we might as well throw in Happy Halloween and Happy Thanksgiving. I’m like a ghost that appears and reappears! Where have I been? Well for the past three months I’ve been deep into Elf Mode, sewing Christmas quilts for family. It was hard to keep it all a secret. That combined […]

Skeleton Dress

What to say about this dress? It was an unplanned project. But I am finding that these unplanned projects that sneak into your queue are quite liberating. I didn’t take a lot of construction photos of this one either. I just let Pia guide me in what she wanted. After the Apple dress she wanted something that was less “cutesy”. […]

Rosie Crochets Too: My New Hobby

October is here and with it comes the drop in temperature. Pia is cold. Therefore, I am starting to teach myself how to crochet. I decided to make her a wrap. Yes, I could have just sewn one. But something about weaving the fabric itself was calling out to me. It has that cozy homemade feel. That and the fact […]

A is for Apple(que) Dress

Pia’s been asking me for a new Fall dress to go with the changing season.  Because Pinterest always seems to read my mind, an apple dress showed up on my feed. Reminiscent of my own favorite dress of my youth, I knew this was it.  Pia saw the pic, loved it and put me to work. I don’t have an exact […]

Through the Window Again Quilt

As promised, here is my Through the Window Again Quilt. I am slowly catching up on my August “Show and Tell” makes on the blog so hang tight! A lot of the quilts I’ve made the past few months have been kits, but I personally hand selected the fabric on this one. I was drawn to the floral print. Hot […]

A Little Less Conversation A Little More Action

August came and went, wowza. My lack of updates has been due to more unexpected circumstances which kept me away from writing. But I didn’t stop sewing! I have one quilt that I haven’t shared yet (needs pics) and one currently at the longarmer. So I am a little behind, please bear with me. I have, however, have gone into […]

Dancing Geese…turned Dancing Pinwheel

Another 3 yard quilt is done! This quilt is different in that I started with Fabric Cafe’s “Dancing Geese” pattern but ended up with a completely different design. Wait, what?! Allow me to explain. After creating my half square triangles I played with the layout. This is what the Dancing Geese pattern is supposed to look like: And these are […]

Irish Adventure Recap

Hi folks! It’s been a long time. Long story short: We went on summer vacation to Ireland and caught COVID. Lesson Learned:  COVID doesn’t care where you are…it’ll find you. (We’re better now.) Bah! But we did have a fun couple of days before we realized something wasn’t right. Like seeing this Downpatrick Head. And climb the Croagh Patrick- Ireland’s […]

A Place to Rest Your Weary (Plastic) Bones

Last month it occurred to me that Pia might be tired of standing in the corner. I purchased a bed so she can lay down and close her eyes for awhile. After researching, I found the Ikea Duktig doll bed. It’s a pretty good value, nicer than some other doll beds I had seen and is a lot wider so […]

Fabric Cafe Nine Patch Quilt

The Nine Patch pattern comes from Fabric Cafe’s book “3 Yard Quilt Favorites” by Donna Robertson. I am loving these books. LOVING. Their concept is to have one focus fabric, one light colored fabric and one dark. That’s it! The instructions are so easy to understand and they also give you instructions on how to enlarge the quilt to twin, […]

Summer is Here!

Since the weather has been so spectacular, I’ve been trying to take advantage and spend more time outdoors before it gets uncomfortably hot. It is no secret that I love fashion, clothing and antiques, so I am sharing some things I found inspirational over the past week. Over the weekend we spent the day in Washington, D.C. I feel very […]

Retro Butterick 6265: Pia’s Flounder Dress

Every now and then I will stumble upon fabric that instantly “talks” to me. Last week this happened at Joann’s with this Disney The Little Mermaid print. As soon as my eyes saw it amongst the rest of the Disney prints, I “saw” the completed dress in my mind with ruffles and contrasting lavender details. I purchased it on impulse […]

Tea Time Quilt

My Tea Time quilt I started last fall is officially out of UFO status! This post is well overdue. Due to the holiday hustle bustle it fell into the “unfinished object” world. Here we are 6 months later revisiting this colorful creation. There are so many great things about this quilt. The main one is that it’s a free pattern […]

Revisiting Quilting

“Hello Quilting my old friend…I’ve come to sew with you again…” (Sung to the tune of “Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel) I know, so cheesy, lol. Taking a break from garment sewing and back in the Quilting World. My latest project is the Nine Patch quilt from Fabric Cafe’s book “3 Yard Favorites” 2nd Edition. I really like […]

Butterick 6336: Sunshine Yellow Doll Pajamas

Well I’m getting back into the swing of things which is a good sign. I am staying positive. I can’t allow myself to stay in a long term grief state. There is just so much more life to live! Pia’s been lifting my spirits. What is it about this doll?! She makes me smile. Every time I look up and […]

April Showers Bring May Flowers

May is here. I have been absent. Since it is extremely personal and this is a sewing blog, I will refrain from writing about it. Just know that the month of April contained not only the highest joys of my life, but also my deepest lows. Pia the doll has been with me since the very beginning. I bought her before […]

McCalls 7639: Doll Clothes/Beachball Dress

It’s been gray and raining all week. It’s making me blue and I’ve been longing for the sun. Pia’s been lifting my spirits though by her blank stare. Honestly I don’t know if I sew for her out of love or out of fear, LOL. I’m not as afraid of her as when I first got her but sometimes it […]

Sewing Bee Sadness

The Sewing Bee contest is currently in full swing on Pattern Review. What is the Sewing Bee contest? Similar to Project Runway, the Sewing Bee is a sewing competition with 4 rounds. There is a theme. You don’t know the theme until DAY OF and then you have a whole week to execute your vision. There are judges who decide […]

Goodbye March! Kermes Dress

Woo hoo! My Kermes dress is complete! I’m really glad I decided to focus more attention on self-drafting because this dress is my favorite one yet. I like it so much I want to make another version. I’m really pleased with the successful draping and also the last minute decision to install boning. Kermes has a lot of heft and […]

Simplicity 1484: Doll Clothes

Lili’s hair was a matted mess after I took her out of the box.  I fixed it…and it was a strange soothing feeling doing so. Feelings of being a kid flooded my entire being and the trance-like urge to make her new clothes set in. I made Simplicity 1484 View A without the belt. The first thing I noticed is that […]

My New “Learning Tool”

Since I’ve been practicing darts on the quarter scale it had me thinking. How about I try sewing on a smaller scale? It’d be a good way to practice ideas and techniques without wasting fabric. Plus then I can use up scraps! I did some research and all the half scale body forms were about $100+, which is out of […]

Hello Darts, I Shall Manipulate You

Lol, the title of this post seems so sinister, doesn’t it?! Well that’s what I did! Manipulate the darts. The bodice sloper class is still fresh on my mind so I was eager to play and experiment with dart manipulation. Other than the SBA I did on the Monet Dress, I haven’t really done much with darts. I’ve mostly been […]

Mini Sewing Retreat

Hi hello! I am back from a mini getaway/sewing weekend in Lexington, Virginia.  I had so much fun! So nice to get away since it seems like it’s been forever since we’ve been able to travel. Continuing on my quest to learn pattern drafting, I took a 3 day bodice block/sloper class at Make it Sew in historic Lexington, VA. […]

Boning Bonanza

One really awesome thing about sewing is that you can build upon existing skills. Over the holidays I was lucky enough to score three Gertie books secondhand for the price of one, patterns included! I’ve been absorbing so much info that I am so curious by her techniques. In true form, I went down the rabbit hole of garment construction […]

Self-drafting Shenanigans

A big goal of 2022 is to continue to learn draping and patternmaking. Surely I own a princess seamed bodice somewhere in my pattern hoard, but I am finding that draping is much faster than flat pattern adjustments from a commercial pattern. Mandy the Mannequin is my twin, so I don’t have to do any SBAs, shorten the bodice length, […]

Simplicity 1873: Monet Dress

Well my January project is finally done….in February! Lol I put my holiday reading into practice on this dress, with lots of “firsts” in couture techniques. Committed to using stash fabric, I used stash brocade, which was a win…until it wasn’t. The dress is a “Monet.” Now this certainly isn’t a dig on Monet, just that the dress looks much different […]

Fun with Fitting

The title of this post is a bit tongue in cheek- does anyone really have FUN with FITTING?! Maybe those who fit the pattern right out of the envelope, or if your last name is Palmer or Pletsch.😉 For me fitting is the most time consuming part of garment sewing and I believe it’s the biggest hurdle for most. There’s an […]

Brain Dump

So what’s my first project of 2022?? We are going designer. Cynthia Rowley’s Simplicity 1873. I really like her designs and have been collecting quite a few. I am pairing this up with brocade from the fabric stash. I am excited to have a fancy new frock but am a little nervous to sew the brocade. I read that brocade […]

2022 Sewing Goals

Hi, hello and Happy New Year 2022!!! Here we are again, a new year and another fresh start. In 2021 mid-year when I lost my sewjo, I started to reevaluate the type of garments I sewed. It kinda bothered me I wasn’t wearing any of them. I convinced myself I was sewing for a “fantasy self” and that I should […]

Goodbye 2021!

And now….(drumroll please) time for the 2021 round up! I’m a big Excel nerd so here we go! For those who don’t like numbers feel free to just look at the pie chart, lol. 2021 Sewing by Category Quantity # of unfinished UFO Grand Total Accessory 45   45 Craft 22 22 Garment 12 2 14 Charity 4 4 Home […]

DIY Christmas Gifts 2021 Recap

Santa’s Workshop is officially CLOSED for the season! I tricked my family into thinking I purchased the Easy Does It Bags. My Uncle was shocked when he learned I sewed all his gifts. He loved his Naval Academy so much he tossed his current toiletry bag right into the trash and moved all his stuff in right away! I do […]

Merry Christmas 2021!

A very Merry Christmas to you! This will be a quick post since I’ve been battling a pretty bad cold the past week or so. Luckily the covid test was negative. I’ve been offline resting, reading and recovering. Finally feeling well enough to jump on here so the worst of it is over! (Thank goodness!) I’ll be back soon with […]

Santa’s Workshop 2021: By Annie Easy Does It Bag

Y’all. I’m so impressed with this bag. It stands up on its own, the raw edges are bound and the directions were easy to follow. This could be the be all end all for me as far as bag/pouches go! I’ve been intimidated by ByAnnie bags since the directions have a lot of steps and it can be overwhelming. But […]

2021 Santa’s Workshop: Simplicity 8035 Ornaments

Can’t believe December is already here. Santa’s Workshop is open! Time for holiday sewing!  Combing through my pattern hoard I came across Simplicity 8035:  various ornaments with options for stuffed animals- star, gingerbread man and yeti. They all look so smiley and cute; I couldn’t resist sewing them. They are made of felt, embroidery thread and stuffing. That’s it! Pretty […]

Celebration Dress: That’s a Wrap!

Continuing with our contest tradition, The Viking and I had quality bonding time while taking pictures of the Celebration Dress. We shot “on location” in rural PA during our Thanksgiving weekend visit to my in-laws. It was about 34 degrees with a blustery frigid wind but that didn’t stop us from having a fun time. The Celebration Dress is so […]

Anniversary Contest Celebration Dress: A Long Tale

My inspiration for the Anniversary Contest comes from the Dolce & Gabanna Summer 2021 Runway, first seen in the Inspiring Fashion Forum on PatternReview. I wrote about this back in December and since I’ve been into quilting lately I knew this designer dress would be perfect for a Barginista Fashionista challenge. My Celebration Dress is my favorite thing I’ve made […]

Quick Update

Hi everyone! Just popping in to give a quick update on all my projects so far. Halloween quilt: I was finally able to take home the Halloween quilt top from my (former) workplace where it was on display.  I had hoped it would be put on the longarm at work but I will need to finish this one at home. […]

Anniversary Contest

This month of November Pattern Review is hosting a Anniversary Contest to celebrate the website turning 20 this year. Wow, 20 years of helping other sewists make better decisions in pattern purchases, fabrics, sewing machines etc. I have said this before, but this website (Sewing Pattern Review Online Sewing Community) has been such an amazing and helpful resource in my […]

(Jelly) Roll…into my cart!

With my newfound quilting kick I went down the rabbit hole of YouTube, books etc.  It’s pretty much the next step in becoming an addict, along with chatting on Pattern Review with other fellow quilters. And I’m sure it doesn’t help I am surrounded by the latest and greatest fabrics and sewing machines at work. A few weeks ago the […]

Quilting Thoughts

Now that I’ve sewn an actual quilt, what are my thoughts? 1. Quilting can get pricy. Ok, so technically my quilt materials were covered by my employer but high quality quilting cotton costs over $11/yard. There is a “3 yard quilt” movement out there where you can squeeze one out in little yardage, aka “economy quilt” but that doesn’t include […]

Halloween Quilt Top: Part 1

After 16.5 hours, the Halloween quilt is FINALLY done! Well, the quilt top at least.  The entire thing took about 9 days total, with me tinkering with it about 2 hours a day. I find that I cannot sew anymore than that, otherwise I go cross-eyed and the lines become wonky. But wowza! This quilt was quite a JOB but […]

Sew Over It: Rosie Skirt

During my time off from sewing, I began to reevaluate the handmade clothes I sewed and actually wore. So much time and work goes into sewing clothes and I realized that I wasn’t wearing the majority of what I had made. In fact, the most worn item I’ve sewn is the blue dress from last year and that gosh darn […]

FOMO: Fear of Missing out…but new challenges ahead!

Pattern Review is hosting a mini wardrobe contest this month. This contest holds a special place in my heart since I participated last year and won 2nd place! I had only been sewing for 4 months at the time and learned so much in that contest period. This time around though it’s only 5 garments- 3 tops and 2 bottoms […]


Over the summer I took a sashiko class. What is sashiko? It’s a Japanese sewing technique where you create designs in the fabric using little stitches. It was used as visible mending, but you can create designs into the fabric, similar to embroidery. The class was for a zipped lined pouch. We were given fabric options and used a glue […]

Baptismal Garment

As soon as I learned of the Baptismal Ministry, I knew I wanted to volunteer. What better way to use my sewing skills for the good of others?! Besides, it’ll be for a baby so it wouldn’t be as daunting as sewing an entire dress with fittings, etc. etc. With a renewed spirit, I was anxious to roll up my […]


Hi, hello everyone! Please excuse my absence for the past few months. After being 100000% about sewing month after month I ran out of steam. I took a little step back and started taking more in person classes with the hope of reigniting that flame. I started to sew smaller projects (ones that didn’t require fitting) and started to really […]

Wiksten Top…Again?!

Can we be done with this thing yet? Lol, just kidding. I find it so amusing and ironic I’ve sewn this pattern so many times, especially since I rated it so low on PR and complained about it in my last couple of posts. But guess what, my MIL (Mother-in-Law) loved my blue top so much, she requested one for […]

Wiksten Top

Since I had already traced out my pattern beforehand I was ready to go with the top once I got to class. There was only one other student there. She brought in a beautiful crepe de chine.  Compared to my navy woven, her top turned out so floaty and feminine. It’s pretty neat how different the same top could look […]

Wiksten Shift Dress

*This blog post is a long time coming- I apologize in the delay! For some reason I was unable to get any good pics of this Wiksten pattern over the last couple of weeks. After working on small projects it’s time to sew garments again!  I really like having a break where I don’t have to worry about fitting. Small […]

A Change of Scenery

I’ve been taking classes at 2 different shops, dividing my time (and money! lol) between the two. Both owners are super nice and there really is a big difference between a mom and pop store vs. a big box store. Not only is the fabric quality superior  but also  you just get better customer service and advice from the employees […]

Open Sew Project: Kwik Sew 4147

Two weeks ago I attended an Open Sew session at a local shop. Open Sew is when you can go to their classroom, park it at a table and work on whatever you want for a few hours. Due to covid restrictions there is a limited number of people in the room so you have to pre-register. There were  2 […]

Kwik Sew 4288 Continued: Tote Bag

Continuing my Pattern Bingo on this Kwik Sew pattern! 2 out of the 5 views have been made, let’s go for 1 more with the tote bag! Making a bag has always on my list of “to make”. I had some leftover pre-quilted fabric so I decided to sew View A of Kwik Sew 4288. I found the instructions to […]

Kwik Sew 4288 Cosmetic Bags

After a contest I like to slow it down and work on smaller projects. It’s like running. You can’t run 10 miles everyday and not expect your body to feel worn out or burned out. You have to pull back and take a day off or just run or walk 2-3 miles instead just to keep the legs moving. I’m […]

My First Garment Sewing Class: Adrienne Blouse

Last week I attended my first garment sewing class at a local shop. We made the Adrienne Blouse by Friday Pattern Company. The class happened to fall during Sewing Bee Round 2, so I was all out of sorts. There was only one other student. Boy was she a hoot! We had an entire 6 foot table to ourselves and she […]

I Got Stung by the Sewing Bee!

“One day you’re in…the next day you’re out.” – Heidi Klum The results for Sewing Bee Round 2 were just released. I did NOT move forward. It was really tough competition! There were SO many great entries and the creativity was through the roof.  Sadly this is not an episode of Project Runway when everyone is immune. Half of us […]

My 1st Upcycle/ Draped Design: Peacock Dress

When the contest theme was announced my mind ran wild with pattern possibilities. I even started tracing some of them out. This all changed once I went to Goodwill. My intention was to pick up blue jeans for a specific idea but I was immediately drawn to the brightly colored teal, cobalt and coral denim. I couldn’t pass those up. […]

Sewing Bee Round 2: Repurposed Denim

Woo hoo! I passed Round 1! Yay! So excited to make my goal and that I didn’t get stung by the Sewing Bee. But now my new goal is to PASS Round 2. There was a lot of speculation on what the theme would be for Round 2. We all guessed darts, tucks, gathers, collars or sleeves. Some kind of […]

Pajama Party Photoshoot

For this the contest I knew I wanted to show my roll tabs in action so I planned some goofy shots around the house- one at the kitchen sink, a few in the bathroom and of course me modeling my new pajamas. It actually worked out pretty well since the lighting was easy for those other locations. Often times we […]

Sewing Bee Round 1: Uniquely You Pajama Recap

Alright! Well here we go- Simplicity 8803 PJs were the choice for the Sewing Bee Contest Round 1.  I love matching top and bottom pjs so I had picked up this pattern early on when I was learning how to make pj pants. I had intended to make a matching top but was putting off the button thing, mentally thinking […]

And..We’re Off!

Round 1 of the Sewing Bee Contest has begun! We have 7 days to create pajamas that are unique to us. A top and bottom set. 7 days to sew, review and photograph. I love pajamas so I’m happy to hear this as the first challenge. But not any kind of pjs will work here… we have to create something […]

The Sewing Bee Contest: Don’t Get Stung!

Last Fall when I was competing in the contests on PatternReview I heard about The Sewing Bee contest. I was encouraged by another member to look into it. This contest is one that is supposed to challenge you to the limits! It is an elimination contest like Project Runway. They give you theme- a technique, or idea and you’re supposed […]

Frankenpattern: Terno/Simplicity 1693

My plan for the terno top is to use Simplicity 1693. It is the perfect base and has side darts, giving it some shape. Obviously the Filipinana butterfly sleeves are not something you would find in the Big Four patterns. This top is unique in that I am basically taking ideas, patterns and inspiration from all over the internet. (Read […]

Terno Dress

When I was a kid my parents would take us to local Filipino cultural events. It usually started with a Church service then afterwards there would be a huge party complete with lots of food and a Tinikling folk dance performance. The dance is like double dutch jump rope, where the dancers are in the middle trying not to get […]


How much time do I spend sewing? The answer: A LOT.  It’s part of my daily routine. I’m a firm believer in practice makes perfect and if you dedicate a lot of time to something it’ll eventually become second nature. The more time you spend the better you’ll get! The thing with sewing though is that there’s always something to […]

McCalls Early Spring 2021 Pattern Release

We are experiencing a winter wonderland here in Virginia. It falls so slowly and gives me a peaceful feeling. Even though we are in the dead of winter- what some may call “Blanduary”, I am dreaming of warm weather and have already started sewing Spring/Summer clothing. The peeps over at McCalls must have heard our cry for something new and […]

McCalls 7752 Peplum Top Wrap Up/Review

Woo hoo! The peplum top is finally done!! This top took longer than most projects because of 1. Life and 2. it had more pieces. There are 8 pieces in the bra top alone! The entire ordeal took about 9 days, including creating the muslin. (See blog post: McCalls 7752 Mock-Up) It didn’t help that I couldn’t figure out the […]

My First Sewing Class: Quilting Basics

I attended a quilting class yesterday! My first real class on sewing. Kinda funny my first class on sewing is on quilting not garment sewing. The class was held at a quaint shop nearby. I had never been there before or knew it existed! I learned of this shop through a google search. It was like being in a candy […]

McCalls 7752 Mock-Up

I really like white during the summertime. It’s so fresh looking! I am making my new corset top in white cotton because it reminds me of my old top, lol. I feel like I’m making new versions of old clothes- but hey, as they say Fashion repeats itself!😉 I chose an 100% cotton eyelet from Joanns. It had good reviews […]

Corset Tops

In my 20’s I owned a beautiful white corset top by Marciano. I remember when I purchased this in Miami. It had adjustable bra straps, side zip, pleats all around, lace trim and I LOVED it. I used to wear it with a sequined/beaded strap bra, showing of course-that was the look back then! (Thank you Carrie Bradshaw, lol) I […]

Simplicity 8926 Bottoms View E

What is it about me and purple??! Everything I’ve been sewing lately and attracted to has been PURPLE. I don’t know why…it’s not even my favorite color! According to color-meaning.com, the color purple “enlightens, inspires, uplifts and encourages”. Maybe I am subconsciously attracted to it because I do feel uplifted when I see the completed garment. These pants were a […]

Simplicity 8926 Top View B

Woo hoo! Competed View B of Simplicity 8926. I am very happy with how it turned out! The shade of purple is beautiful. Reminds me of the Filipino ube ice cream color. Made of purple yams. It’s screaming summer ! Simplicity 8926 top has 5 pieces. A front, back, front/back neckband, sleeve band and sleeves. Interfacing is used for the […]

Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air…well, not really. Who are we kidding, it’s 32 degrees outside!!! Correction: Spring is in my mind! The past few days I’ve been flipping through my pattern binder book for my next project, looking for possibilities and writing down any pattern numbers. They say you either sew based off of a pattern or based off of […]

One Day at a Time

Yesterday I was all ready to reveal my next Wardrobe Collection and execution plans. I had the blog post draft and everything! I had planned this collection last November after the LBD contest. I was so hyped I created another Wardrobe Collection for fun. The puzzle of “will this go together” was something I very much enjoyed. But the timing […]

Kwik Sew 180 Charming Chair Pincushions

Oh Kwik Sew how do I love thee? Except you did me WRONG this time. How could you?! Kwik Sew 180 is so stinkin cute with its chair and matching ottoman. It reminds me of a chair I’d see in an Anthropologie or a Free People store. Kinda boho looking with its mismatched fabrics. I thought I’d make one as […]

Happy New Years Eve 2021!

Can you believe it’s the last day of 2020?! 2020 was so full of hope in the beginning- the ringing in of the “Roaring Twenties”. We were all so excited about what was ahead. I kicked off this year by visiting family in California and digging for gems in a gem mine. Then February came and I ran the Disney […]

2020 Roundup and 2021 Plans

2020 Items sewn (6 months): 32 face masks 9 large hotpads 5 small potholders 5 shirts 4 pajama pants 4 dresses 3 toppers (cardigan/jacket) 2 handwarmers 2 scrunchies 1 lounge pant 1 apron (still in muslin state) ….and a partridge in a pear tree! 68 total items. 68! That breaks down to about 2.5 pieces a week. Wowza. It is […]

Game On: Me vs. K4199 Jacket

I knew I wanted to make my mom a garment for Christmas. After sewing all the small home decor projects I wanted to jump back into an easy sew. I chose Kwik Sew 4199 because it only had 3 pieces- a fronts, a back and a sleeve. It had a little more pizazz compared to a regular straight hemmed cardigan […]

DIY Christmas Gifts 2020 Recap

Success! Despite the fact that our big Christmas celebration with extended family was cancelled due to covid concerns, my DIY hotpads and handwarmers were a hit! I heard from everyone via text. They loved the larger sized hot pads and my little brother thought the handwarmers were really cool. He immediately recognized his upcycled pj pants, lol. I also faked […]

Merry Christmas!

Took a few days to be offline to spend time with family during the holidays. Wishing you all a wonderful, safe, healthy and a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! May you all be filled with joy and peace today.

Gift Tags- Fake Out

We celebrated Christmas early with the Viking’s family over the weekend. When it came time for presents, I watched in anticipation as they opened their DIY gifts. Their eyes lit up in delight at the large hotpad and were particularly appreciative of the size. You can never have too many potholders! I was expecting this. Something else happened that I […]

Quilting: A New Love?

Bah! So I am still working on assembly line sewing. I still have a handful to do and I’m kinda dreading making that bias tape for the potholders. I am debating folding down the edges just so this project can be over. I think after a certain time I get bored of things and need something new. That’s partially the […]

Gift Tags- That Finishing Touch

When I was a child I would give crafty gifts all the time. Drawings, handmade ornaments, birthday cards..all kinds of things. Ask my aunt- she still hangs the yarn wreath ornament I made when I was on 5 on her Christmas tree every year. When you’re a kid nobody thinks twice of it. But as an adult all the sudden […]

Giftables: Large Hot Pad & Kwik Sew 4292 Potholder

I was perusing YT getting ideas for homemade Christmas gifts and came across a large hot pad DIY. Looked pretty simple so I went to Joanns for quilting cotton. I chose  an avocado toast print for the more “subdued” family members and a bold peppers print for everyone else.  The peppers remind me of my late grandfather’s garden. Sewing the […]

Handwarmers: Tiny Pillow of Toastiness

When my little brother found out I was learning how to sew, his eyes got big and said, “I have some fabric you might be able to use.” I was confused. Turns out he had cut the pant legs off his pajama pants to make shorts. (I guess he runs hot at night). He hands me the plaid flannel and […]

Little Basic Dress Contest 2020: First Place

WOW!!! My deep plum dress won first place in the PR Little Basic Dress contest!!! Gosh. I feel so honored that it got so many votes! I’m speechless. The sheath dress silhouette had so much versatility and I really enjoyed putting all the looks together. It makes me smile to think that half of them I modeled using a RTW […]

Patterns: Your Crazy is Showing

Somehow I have acquired almost 200 patterns.  When I say acquired I mean I went a little crazy. I admit it. The first step is to admit you have a problem. I do. It’s hard to resist a sale! Joanns and Hobby Lobby run sales so frequently- Butterick, McCalls and Kwik Sew go down to $1.99.  Vogue to $6.99. They […]

6 Month Sewing Anniversary

I have officially been sewing for 6 months today! I know it sounds cheesy that I’m keeping track, but I like to see my progress and reflect on it. I’m like that about life in general, so it’s natural that I would be doing this for my new hobby. When I started making masks back in June, I never thought […]

Back to my Roots

December 11, 2020: I just pulled together this blog in 2 days, trying to recap everything that has happened in the past six months! I just really wanted to document this experience and share my sewing journey since it has been so incredibly fulfilling in so many ways. After the Little Basic Dress contest ended I fell very ill for […]

It’s Showtime! LBD Submission

November 31st arrived, the final day of the contest. I had finished the dress the day before but by 3pm I was POOPED. The Viking asked me if I wanted to take pictures and I just couldn’t muster the energy. We decided to take the pics early before he left for work the next day. I didn’t go all out […]

Simplicity 1314- Little Basic Dress

Simplicity 1314 is a Cynthia Rowley pattern I found at Fabric Hut, a fabric store in Norfolk, VA. They had out of print patterns there and I picked it up. The girl on the front was wearing this dress with a faux-leather panel and I was completely intrigued by it. I thought about making this version for the contest but […]

Little Basic Dress Contest- Here we go again!

I was so high off my placing in the Wardrobe Contest that I decided to join the Little Basic Dress contest last minute. The contest ran from November 1-31. Wardrobe Contest ended the 15th, and I joined the LBD contest on the 17th, 2 days later. The whole thing I pulled together in a ridiculous amount of time. I am, […]

Wardrobe Contest 2020: Second Place

After I submitted my entry I anxiously waited for a week for the results. Did I really have a chance?! I finally revealed to my friends that I had been learning how to sew since June and showed them what I had created. I don’t know why I felt so secretive about it but I guess sometimes you just want […]

Wardrobe Contest Recap

I was chugging along with full speed ahead for a good month. Come October I made some changes to the plan. Like life things don’t always go as planned. Changes- Replace face mask accessory with polka dot/stripe scarf, headband, belt combo – I didn’t even bother talking about this because it was just such a simple piece. A piece of […]

McCalls M6996- Foil Ponte Jacket

And here we are! The final piece from the Wardrobe Contest. My floral ponte jacket. My absolute favorite thing I’ve sewn so far. My piece de resistance. I had mentioned that this jacket was one I had envisioned since July, even before I started sewing clothes.  The fabric swatch from Mood was part of the first swatch packet I ordered […]

Tilly and the Buttons: Joni Dress

This pattern is from Tilly’s Stretch! Book, which is all about sewing knits. I’ve been using this book as a resource since she gives tips on how to sew them. This is the only pattern I’ve sewn so far and I find the sizing to be accurate. As part of my wardrobe contest plan, I was originally going to sew […]

Simplicity 8557- Another Blue Dress

My mom asked me why I was making another blue dress. The answer is that it matched,  lol. Simplicity 8557 is a great pattern. It has so many options in it- a top, duster, capri pants and a dress. It’s labeled “Easy” and boy was it! It’s only 3 pieces- front, back and sleeve. It also uses bias tape. For […]

Pleated Front Tank Top- Kwik Sew K3691

After doing my paper doll exercise in finding “holes” in the wardrobe plan, I decided that I would use the 1 yard rayon crepe remnant I had from my Butterick 6677 dress. Even though that fabric was kind of hard to sew, I thought it had the right amount of drape. Besides, what was I going to do with that […]

Tunic- Kwik Sew K3954

This was another quick sew Kwik Sew pattern that lived up to its name. This tunic has raglan sleeves and no finished waist measurements so it was pretty easy to fit. I sewed this in size XS using Ralph Lauren matte jersey from Mood in the color Pink Dahlia. With 95% polyester, 5% spandex it had a really nice drape. […]

Leggings- Simplicity 8212

I had ordered some nylon/spandex navy blue compression fabric from Mood, with the hopes of creating actual leggings. What I liked about this fabric is that is so blue it’s almost black and it was very stretchy. I sewed Simplicity 8212 in a size S based on my body measurements. I was feeling pretty good about this pattern because I […]

Reversible Cardigan Wrap- Kwik Sew 3977

When I saw the black and white reversible fabric at Joanns, I knew immediately it was going to be a drapey cardigan. One side is black and white stripes and the other side is black and white polka dots. It was just fun. I also knew I wanted to take advantage of that reversible fabric so I could wear it […]

Wardrobe Contest Plan

I was so excited about creating this wardrobe collection I couldn’t sleep. Seriously. I woke up early in the mornings thinking about it. “Could I really do this?!”, I asked The Viking. He said I could do it. (He’s always right.)  I find that when you’re scared of doing something, it sometimes means it’s good for you. You learn so […]

Wardrobe Contest 2020

Here we are getting into the truly exciting part of my sewing journey thus far! In early September I was perusing the sewing forums on PR and saw that they would host a Wardrobe Contest, running 2 months from Sept 15-Nov 15. The first place winner would receive $100 gift certificate from Fabric Mart. The 2nd place would receive a […]

Butterick 6677- My First Dress

*Since I am recapping the last 6 months I am giving highlights here and there about my patterns and will refer you to the reviews on PR for the time being. Once we get caught up to present day I will be able to give more thoughts in the moment on sewing that particular pattern.* In September I decided I […]

Noticeable Knits

When I was a little girl I used to cry if I had to wear pants. I just always wanted to wear a dress, preferably pink, and it BETTER have some kind of frilly lace or tutu, otherwise run the risk of a meltdown, lol. When I got older I still enjoyed wearing this style (sans meltdown) and loved Carrie […]

If At First You Don’t Succeed….

…..TRY, TRY AGAIN. I did. I sewed Simplicity 1563, a unisex pattern with lots of sleepwear options. I decided to go for  pajama pants again. I sewed a size XS and they fit way better. But I messed up on fabric, AGAIN. The fabric I chose was a lighterweight cotton from Joanns. I was happy with the end result but […]

Tilly and the Buttons Margot Pajamas

Upon receiving Tilly’s Dressmaking Love at First Stitch book I was completely engulfed with the idea of making clothing. Bored from the apron I decided to work on a new project: Pajama pants. (Sadly the apron still remains in my closet in muslin state.) Tilly’s book has the patterns printed on both sides so I got some practice tracing the […]

10 Reasons Why Being a Beginner is Fun

In September I felt the need to proclaim my newfound love for sewing so I posted this on a sewing forum. To my surprise someone asked if I was a professional writer, LOL. That gave me a good laugh but it did spin my gears into possibly starting a blog. Reasons Why I Think Being a Beginner is Fun: 1. […]

Mask Mania

My mother lives about 4 hours away so I sent her a pic of me wearing my new mask, not thinking anything of it. Well guess what, she put in an order for 5. FIVE?!!! I thought that was a lot but she justified it saying that QVC sells them in 5 packs, lol. Her birthday was in June so […]

New Beginnings

This past May The Viking and I sold our country home of 3 years and moved back into the city. I saw this as a new chapter in life and was pondering the idea of learning how to sew. I was reluctant to start as it seemed like an expensive hobby and the whole “what if” scenario of another thing […]

The Start of Something New

Hello! Welcome to my new blog Rosie Sews Too. Here I will discuss my new sewing hobby, share reviews and thoughts on fashion. I may go off topic a bit every now and then. Not really sure what direction this will lead but I am happy to share my sewing journey with you! Why Rosie Sews Too?! Well, funny story. […]