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Butterick 6336: Sunshine Yellow Doll Pajamas

Butterick 6336: Sunshine Yellow Doll Pajamas

Well I’m getting back into the swing of things which is a good sign. I am staying positive. I can’t allow myself to stay in a long term grief state. There is just so much more life to live! Pia’s been lifting my spirits.

What is it about this doll?! She makes me smile. Every time I look up and wonder if I just missed her blink. Haha!

Waiting for my sleeping clothes.

Butterick 6336 is a retro pattern from 1957 with so many different views. Pia really needed pjs since I purchased her a new ikea bed. (“need” is a strong word for a doll) I was drawn to the yellow pjs on the envelope but it also includes a romper, dress, coat, hat and even a wedding gown and veil. You know…for when I eventually make a “Bride of Chucky” outfit.😉

View D pjs is only 3 pieces. I was thinking that the bows were drawstring and functional, but it’s actually just elastic for the gathers and tacked on ribbon bows. Kind of hard to tell since the envelope is an illustration vs. a (live?) doll pic.

The construction is fairly simple- mostly gathering and creating a channel using bias tape. I used a bodkin for this step but switched to a safety pin. It worked better in this situation.

1/4″ elastic was used for the top. Since it’s so narrow it did give me problems. It was hard to tell where it ended in the bias channel so I held it up to the light and marked it in pen. I sewed right over that marking to keep in place.

The pattern also gave elastic length measurements. I didn’t do a fitting so I think the leg gathers and waistband could have been tightened. I don’t really like that the crotch sits so low on the bloomers either. Again, I think these patterns were drafted specifically for an American Girl doll.

Overall there is a lot of ease for this Our Generation doll, but no problem. The lace detail and bows really make the outfit. She looks happy in her yellow pjs.

If you can catch Butterick 6336 on sale it’s totally worth it. With this pattern alone you could build an entire wardrobe. I rated it 5 stars on Pattern Review.

Butterick Retro Outfits for 18 6336 pattern review by RosieSews2

Zonked out.

I’m glad I am feeling back to normal and slowly feeling social again. Not really wanting to sew for myself right now. I’ll stay here in doll mode and quilting for awhile. ❤️

Ready for a new day.

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