McCalls Early Spring 2021 Pattern Release

We are experiencing a winter wonderland here in Virginia. It falls so slowly and gives me a peaceful feeling. Even though we are in the dead of winter- what some may call “Blanduary”, I am dreaming of warm weather and have already started sewing Spring/Summer clothing. The peeps over at McCalls must have heard our cry for something new and […]

McCalls 7752 Peplum Top Wrap Up/Review

Woo hoo! The peplum top is finally done!! This top took longer than most projects because of 1. Life and 2. it had more pieces. There are 8 pieces in the bra top alone! The entire ordeal took about 9 days, including creating the muslin. (See blog post: McCalls 7752 Mock-Up) It didn’t help that I couldn’t figure out the […]

My First Sewing Class: Quilting Basics

I attended a quilting class yesterday! My first real class on sewing. Kinda funny my first class on sewing is on quilting not garment sewing. The class was held at a quaint shop nearby. I had never been there before or knew it existed! I learned of this shop through a google search. It was like being in a candy […]

McCalls 7752 Mock-Up

I really like white during the summertime. It’s so fresh looking! I am making my new corset top in white cotton because it reminds me of my old top, lol. I feel like I’m making new versions of old clothes- but hey, as they say Fashion repeats itself!😉 I chose an 100% cotton eyelet from Joanns. It had good reviews […]

Corset Tops

In my 20’s I owned a beautiful white corset top by Marciano. I remember when I purchased this in Miami. It had adjustable bra straps, side zip, pleats all around, lace trim and I LOVED it. I used to wear it with a sequined/beaded strap bra, showing of course-that was the look back then! (Thank you Carrie Bradshaw, lol) I […]

Simplicity 8926 Bottoms View E

What is it about me and purple??! Everything I’ve been sewing lately and attracted to has been PURPLE. I don’t know why…it’s not even my favorite color! According to, the color purple “enlightens, inspires, uplifts and encourages”. Maybe I am subconsciously attracted to it because I do feel uplifted when I see the completed garment. These pants were a […]

Simplicity 8926 Top View B

Woo hoo! Competed View B of Simplicity 8926. I am very happy with how it turned out! The shade of purple is beautiful. Reminds me of the Filipino ube ice cream color. Made of purple yams. It’s screaming summer ! Simplicity 8926 top has 5 pieces. A front, back, front/back neckband, sleeve band and sleeves. Interfacing is used for the […]

Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air…well, not really. Who are we kidding, it’s 32 degrees outside!!! Correction: Spring is in my mind! The past few days I’ve been flipping through my pattern binder book for my next project, looking for possibilities and writing down any pattern numbers. They say you either sew based off of a pattern or based off of […]

One Day at a Time

Yesterday I was all ready to reveal my next Wardrobe Collection and execution plans. I had the blog post draft and everything! I had planned this collection last November after the LBD contest. I was so hyped I created another Wardrobe Collection for fun. The puzzle of “will this go together” was something I very much enjoyed. But the timing […]

Kwik Sew 180 Charming Chair Pincushions

Oh Kwik Sew how do I love thee? Except you did me WRONG this time. How could you?! Kwik Sew 180 is so stinkin cute with its chair and matching ottoman. It reminds me of a chair I’d see in an Anthropologie or a Free People store. Kinda boho looking with its mismatched fabrics. I thought I’d make one as […]