And..We’re Off!

And..We’re Off!

Round 1 of the Sewing Bee Contest has begun! We have 7 days to create pajamas that are unique to us. A top and bottom set. 7 days to sew, review and photograph. I love pajamas so I’m happy to hear this as the first challenge. But not any kind of pjs will work here… we have to create something that is UNIQUE enough to get to the next round. So nothing just “ho hum” will do! There will only be 50-60 people allowed to advance- Yikes!

For this contest I am committed to using and shopping my fabric stash and pattern hoard. I admit I am tempted to go out and get something completely different but time is of the essence and I can’t be wasting time moseying around! A trip to the fabric store usually results in at least a 2 hour trip but I’m happy to report that my last minute notions trip was a record 30 minutes, lol.

Ultimately I want to sew something I can realistically wear and be happy with. And I’m definitely planning on learning some new techniques. I’m finally going to tackle that gosh darn button and buttonhole. This is why I love these contests so much- it pushes me to check things off my goal list at a faster rate! After this I might actually be able to think of myself as an “Intermediate” level sewist. So psyched.

Someone posted a “Grease” movie still on the PR discussion forum and it got me thinking- all of Pink Ladies had pajamas that were unique to their fashion sense. So what will make this pajama unique to me?! That part you’ll have to wait and see. But lucky for you you don’t have to wait long since this is a quick contest. 😉

I’ll be back in a few days with the finished product!

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