Gift Tags- That Finishing Touch

Gift Tags- That Finishing Touch

When I was a child I would give crafty gifts all the time. Drawings, handmade ornaments, birthday cards..all kinds of things. Ask my aunt- she still hangs the yarn wreath ornament I made when I was on 5 on her Christmas tree every year. When you’re a kid nobody thinks twice of it. But as an adult all the sudden a DIY gift can be perceived as “cheap”.  Personally I never had this mindset but I know it exists. This could not be further from the case!! The person gave their time and energy into creating something with you in mind. The gift of time is valuable in this busy world.  Between work, kids, laundry and dishes,  not a lot of people have the time to breathe- let alone spend time doing their hobbies.

I have always appreciated  something homemade. Sure it’s easier and more convenient to buy something at the store, but there’s something special about receiving a DIY gift.

To make things extra special for my DIY gifts I decided to make some gift tags. I also didn’t want anyone to confuse the large hot pad for a placemat and wonder where the other 5 place settings were.  Lol, you just never know! The last thing I want is someone to open their gift and be like “What the heck is this??!”  I whipped up a label on Microsoft Word and printed on cardstock. I decided to invest in a plastic tag gun to put them together so they wouldn’t jostle around in the box. This totally makes it look more legit, like it came from the store, lol. For me the ultimate compliment for my sewing is when someone says, “You made this?! I thought you bought it.”

Nope! 🙂

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      Hi Rosie! Congrats on winning the LBD contest on PatternReview! I, too, am a member. I am really inspired by what you have accomplished in a few months. I have just read your posts from beginning to end—great posts, great writing.
      I started sewing when I was younger, but only “home stuff” and joined PR to encourage me to move onto clothing. I am in my 60s, so I better get started, lol. I have a plethora of patterns, fabric, tools, etc., and sometimes feel like I unleashed a monster. Keep it up, I wonder where you’ll be in 5 years. Somewhere awesome, I’m sure.

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        Hi Susan! Oh I am so touched by your kind comments, thank you! Very nice to “meet” another PR member. It sounds like you have all the tools for clothing…you can do it! You already have the sewing skills from your home decor stuff. Zippers on pillows all translate to zippers on dresses.😉 I’ll be cheering you on and hope to see your reviews. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.

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