2022: The Year I Became a Quilter

I have to chuckle at the title of this post because it’s true. 2022 was the hardest Test in my personal life so inevitably it affected my Sewing goals. I had a great start to 2022 in garment sewing, including creating a personal sloper- and then suddenly Sewing took a different direction. Let’s quickly review my 2022 goals and if I made […]

Self-drafting Shenanigans

A big goal of 2022 is to continue to learn draping and patternmaking. Surely I own a princess seamed bodice somewhere in my pattern hoard, but I am finding that draping is much faster than flat pattern adjustments from a commercial pattern. Mandy the Mannequin is my twin, so I don’t have to do any SBAs, shorten the bodice length, […]

2022 Sewing Goals

Hi, hello and Happy New Year 2022!!! Here we are again, a new year and another fresh start. In 2021 mid-year when I lost my sewjo, I started to reevaluate the type of garments I sewed. It kinda bothered me I wasn’t wearing any of them. I convinced myself I was sewing for a “fantasy self” and that I should […]

2020 Roundup and 2021 Plans

2020 Items sewn (6 months): 32 face masks 9 large hotpads 5 small potholders 5 shirts 4 pajama pants 4 dresses 3 toppers (cardigan/jacket) 2 handwarmers 2 scrunchies 1 lounge pant 1 apron (still in muslin state) ….and a partridge in a pear tree! 68 total items. 68! That breaks down to about 2.5 pieces a week. Wowza. It is […]