(Jelly) Roll…into my cart!

With my newfound quilting kick I went down the rabbit hole of YouTube, books etc.  It’s pretty much the next step in becoming an addict, along with chatting on Pattern Review with other fellow quilters. And I’m sure it doesn’t help I am surrounded by the latest and greatest fabrics and sewing machines at work. A few weeks ago the […]

Quilting Thoughts

Now that I’ve sewn an actual quilt, what are my thoughts? 1. Quilting can get pricy. Ok, so technically my quilt materials were covered by my employer but high quality quilting cotton costs over $11/yard. There is a “3 yard quilt” movement out there where you can squeeze one out in little yardage, aka “economy quilt” but that doesn’t include […]

Halloween Quilt Top: Part 1

After 16.5 hours, the Halloween quilt is FINALLY done! Well, the quilt top at least.  The entire thing took about 9 days total, with me tinkering with it about 2 hours a day. I find that I cannot sew anymore than that, otherwise I go cross-eyed and the lines become wonky. But wowza! This quilt was quite a JOB but […]

Sew Over It: Rosie Skirt

During my time off from sewing, I began to reevaluate the handmade clothes I sewed and actually wore. So much time and work goes into sewing clothes and I realized that I wasn’t wearing the majority of what I had made. In fact, the most worn item I’ve sewn is the blue dress from last year and that gosh darn […]