A is for Apple(que) Dress

Pia’s been asking me for a new Fall dress to go with the changing season.  Because Pinterest always seems to read my mind, an apple dress showed up on my feed. Reminiscent of my own favorite dress of my youth, I knew this was it.  Pia saw the pic, loved it and put me to work. I don’t have an exact […]

McCalls 7639: Doll Clothes/Beachball Dress

It’s been gray and raining all week. It’s making me blue and I’ve been longing for the sun. Pia’s been lifting my spirits though by her blank stare. Honestly I don’t know if I sew for her out of love or out of fear, LOL. I’m not as afraid of her as when I first got her but sometimes it […]

McCalls Early Spring 2021 Pattern Release

We are experiencing a winter wonderland here in Virginia. It falls so slowly and gives me a peaceful feeling. Even though we are in the dead of winter- what some may call “Blanduary”, I am dreaming of warm weather and have already started sewing Spring/Summer clothing. The peeps over at McCalls must have heard our cry for something new and […]

McCalls 7752 Peplum Top Wrap Up/Review

Woo hoo! The peplum top is finally done!! This top took longer than most projects because of 1. Life and 2. it had more pieces. There are 8 pieces in the bra top alone! The entire ordeal took about 9 days, including creating the muslin. (See blog post: McCalls 7752 Mock-Up) It didn’t help that I couldn’t figure out the […]

McCalls 7752 Mock-Up

I really like white during the summertime. It’s so fresh looking! I am making my new corset top in white cotton because it reminds me of my old top, lol. I feel like I’m making new versions of old clothes- but hey, as they say Fashion repeats itself!😉 I chose an 100% cotton eyelet from Joanns. It had good reviews […]

McCalls M6996- Foil Ponte Jacket

And here we are! The final piece from the Wardrobe Contest. My floral ponte jacket. My absolute favorite thing I’ve sewn so far. My piece de resistance. I had mentioned that this jacket was one I had envisioned since July, even before I started sewing clothes.  The fabric swatch from Mood was part of the first swatch packet I ordered […]