FOMO: Fear of Missing out…but new challenges ahead!

Pattern Review is hosting a mini wardrobe contest this month. This contest holds a special place in my heart since I participated last year and won 2nd place! I had only been sewing for 4 months at the time and learned so much in that contest period. This time around though it’s only 5 garments- 3 tops and 2 bottoms […]


Over the summer I took a sashiko class. What is sashiko? It’s a Japanese sewing technique where you create designs in the fabric using little stitches. It was used as visible mending, but you can create designs into the fabric, similar to embroidery. The class was for a zipped lined pouch. We were given fabric options and used a glue […]

Baptismal Garment

As soon as I learned of the Baptismal Ministry, I knew I wanted to volunteer. What better way to use my sewing skills for the good of others?! Besides, it’ll be for a baby so it wouldn’t be as daunting as sewing an entire dress with fittings, etc. etc. With a renewed spirit, I was anxious to roll up my […]