Fun with Fitting

The title of this post is a bit tongue in cheek- does anyone really have FUN with FITTING?! Maybe those who fit the pattern right out of the envelope, or if your last name is Palmer or Pletsch.😉 For me fitting is the most time consuming part of garment sewing and I believe it’s the biggest hurdle for most. There’s an […]

Brain Dump

So what’s my first project of 2022?? We are going designer. Cynthia Rowley’s Simplicity 1873. I really like her designs and have been collecting quite a few. I am pairing this up with brocade from the fabric stash. I am excited to have a fancy new frock but am a little nervous to sew the brocade. I read that brocade […]

2022 Sewing Goals

Hi, hello and Happy New Year 2022!!! Here we are again, a new year and another fresh start. In 2021 mid-year when I lost my sewjo, I started to reevaluate the type of garments I sewed. It kinda bothered me I wasn’t wearing any of them. I convinced myself I was sewing for a “fantasy self” and that I should […]