We Meet Again

Ask anyone-male or female, young or old, everyone knows her. Chances are you owned one (or many), and if not you, your sister, your mom, your aunt..your classmates… maybe even all of the above. Who am I talking about? One name: Barbie. Hard to imagine a world without Barbie. No truer words have been spoken (written), at least for me. […]

Christmas 2022: Quilty Adventure Reflection

All nine Christmas quilts are finally documented here on my blog! It will be fun to look back on these projects. I’m glad I can finally catch up and write again. 🙂 Final Thoughts: Even if the recipient doesn’t know a thing about sewing they DO KNOW that it takes time to make one. And that’s really what you’re giving. […]

April Showers Bring May Flowers

May is here. I have been absent. Since it is extremely personal and this is a sewing blog, I will refrain from writing about it. Just know that the month of April contained not only the highest joys of my life, but also my deepest lows. Pia the doll has been with me since the very beginning. I bought her before […]

Sewing Bee Sadness

The Sewing Bee contest is currently in full swing on Pattern Review. What is the Sewing Bee contest? Similar to Project Runway, the Sewing Bee is a sewing competition with 4 rounds. There is a theme. You don’t know the theme until DAY OF and then you have a whole week to execute your vision. There are judges who decide […]

My New “Learning Tool”

Since I’ve been practicing darts on the quarter scale it had me thinking. How about I try sewing on a smaller scale? It’d be a good way to practice ideas and techniques without wasting fabric. Plus then I can use up scraps! I did some research and all the half scale body forms were about $100+, which is out of […]

2022 Sewing Goals

Hi, hello and Happy New Year 2022!!! Here we are again, a new year and another fresh start. In 2021 mid-year when I lost my sewjo, I started to reevaluate the type of garments I sewed. It kinda bothered me I wasn’t wearing any of them. I convinced myself I was sewing for a “fantasy self” and that I should […]

Goodbye 2021!

And now….(drumroll please) time for the 2021 round up! I’m a big Excel nerd so here we go! For those who don’t like numbers feel free to just look at the pie chart, lol. 2021 Sewing by Category Quantity # of unfinished UFO Grand Total Accessory 45   45 Craft 22 22 Garment 12 2 14 Charity 4 4 Home […]

Merry Christmas 2021!

A very Merry Christmas to you! This will be a quick post since I’ve been battling a pretty bad cold the past week or so. Luckily the covid test was negative. I’ve been offline resting, reading and recovering. Finally feeling well enough to jump on here so the worst of it is over! (Thank goodness!) I’ll be back soon with […]

Quilting Thoughts

Now that I’ve sewn an actual quilt, what are my thoughts? 1. Quilting can get pricy. Ok, so technically my quilt materials were covered by my employer but high quality quilting cotton costs over $11/yard. There is a “3 yard quilt” movement out there where you can squeeze one out in little yardage, aka “economy quilt” but that doesn’t include […]


Hi, hello everyone! Please excuse my absence for the past few months. After being 100000% about sewing month after month I ran out of steam. I took a little step back and started taking more in person classes with the hope of reigniting that flame. I started to sew smaller projects (ones that didn’t require fitting) and started to really […]