DIY Christmas Gifts 2020 Recap

Success! Despite the fact that our big Christmas celebration with extended family was cancelled due to covid concerns, my DIY hotpads and handwarmers were a hit! I heard from everyone via text. They loved the larger sized hot pads and my little brother thought the handwarmers were really cool. He immediately recognized his upcycled pj pants, lol. I also faked […]

Merry Christmas!

Took a few days to be offline to spend time with family during the holidays. Wishing you all a wonderful, safe, healthy and a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! May you all be filled with joy and peace today.

Gift Tags- Fake Out

We celebrated Christmas early with the Viking’s family over the weekend. When it came time for presents, I watched in anticipation as they opened their DIY gifts. Their eyes lit up in delight at the large hotpad and were particularly appreciative of the size. You can never have too many potholders! I was expecting this. Something else happened that I […]