My First Garment Sewing Class: Adrienne Blouse

Last week I attended my first garment sewing class at a local shop. We made the Adrienne Blouse by Friday Pattern Company. The class happened to fall during Sewing Bee Round 2, so I was all out of sorts. There was only one other student. Boy was she a hoot! We had an entire 6 foot table to ourselves and she […]

I Got Stung by the Sewing Bee!

“One day you’re in…the next day you’re out.” – Heidi Klum The results for Sewing Bee Round 2 were just released. I did NOT move forward. It was really tough competition! There were SO many great entries and the creativity was through the roof.  Sadly this is not an episode of Project Runway when everyone is immune. Half of us […]

My 1st Upcycle/ Draped Design: Peacock Dress

When the contest theme was announced my mind ran wild with pattern possibilities. I even started tracing some of them out. This all changed once I went to Goodwill. My intention was to pick up blue jeans for a specific idea but I was immediately drawn to the brightly colored teal, cobalt and coral denim. I couldn’t pass those up. […]

Sewing Bee Round 2: Repurposed Denim

Woo hoo! I passed Round 1! Yay! So excited to make my goal and that I didn’t get stung by the Sewing Bee. But now my new goal is to PASS Round 2. There was a lot of speculation on what the theme would be for Round 2. We all guessed darts, tucks, gathers, collars or sleeves. Some kind of […]

Pajama Party Photoshoot

For this the contest I knew I wanted to show my roll tabs in action so I planned some goofy shots around the house- one at the kitchen sink, a few in the bathroom and of course me modeling my new pajamas. It actually worked out pretty well since the lighting was easy for those other locations. Often times we […]

Sewing Bee Round 1: Uniquely You Pajama Recap

Alright! Well here we go- Simplicity 8803 PJs were the choice for the Sewing Bee Contest Round 1.  I love matching top and bottom pjs so I had picked up this pattern early on when I was learning how to make pj pants. I had intended to make a matching top but was putting off the button thing, mentally thinking […]

And..We’re Off!

Round 1 of the Sewing Bee Contest has begun! We have 7 days to create pajamas that are unique to us. A top and bottom set. 7 days to sew, review and photograph. I love pajamas so I’m happy to hear this as the first challenge. But not any kind of pjs will work here… we have to create something […]

The Sewing Bee Contest: Don’t Get Stung!

Last Fall when I was competing in the contests on PatternReview I heard about The Sewing Bee contest. I was encouraged by another member to look into it. This contest is one that is supposed to challenge you to the limits! It is an elimination contest like Project Runway. They give you theme- a technique, or idea and you’re supposed […]