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Goodbye 2021!

Goodbye 2021!

And now….(drumroll please) time for the 2021 round up! I’m a big Excel nerd so here we go! For those who don’t like numbers feel free to just look at the pie chart, lol.

For the visual folks.

2021 Sewing by Category
Quantity# of unfinished UFOGrand Total
Accessory45 45
Grand Total88492
I thought I was a garment sewist?

Ending 2021 with 90 sewn items, not including the 2 unfinished garments. Why were those unfinished?! I lost the directions to the skirt and the top isn’t fitted correctly. Both were made during a class in which I was given the pattern DAY OF, so I had zero time to fit/plan in advance. I will not be taking those kinds of classes in 2022- I really time to plan. The 2 quilt tops are considered UFO since I still have to bind and quilt them. But the majority of it is sewn so I am including them in the total sewn count.

2021 Sewing Breakdown by Item
Cosmetic BagsAccessory6 
Cosmetic Flat PouchesAccessory4 
Baptismal BibsCharity4 
byAnnie Easy Does It BagAccessory2 
Curling Iron CasesAccessory2 
Kindle CasesAccessory2 
Quilt TopsQuilting2UFO
Quilt RunnerHome2 
Sashiko Flat PouchAccessory1 
Tissue CaseAccessory1 
Luggage TagCraft1 
Mat Sized QuiltQuilting1 
Lots of small things!


Most of what I sewed in 2021 was small accessory and craft items. I lost my sew-jo midyear so that attributed to the low number of sewn garments. Even though it was low I did still learn a lot this year. I also didn’t anticipate venturing so much into the quilting world.

Masks topping the chart again for highest quantity the 2nd year in a row. Bah, can’t get away from the mask! #2 top spot goes to the 20 ornaments- all Christmas gifts.

Surprising on the number of actual garments sewn- only TWELVE items. That’s not a lot at all and not nearly the amount I thought I would sew this year. 

I must really enjoy sewing bags because I sewed 15 different variations of them! Out of all of those I only kept 2, the rest were given away as gifts.

The charity sewing is based on the baptismal bibs that are ready to be sewn, (someone else embroiders them and tells me when they are ready) so I can’t really increase that number for 2022.

2021 Goals Missed

Revisiting this post- 2020 Roundup and 2021 Plans – Rosie Sews Too , the BIG GOAL I missed was to sew silk/chiffon and work with harder to sew fabrics. Sequins, tulle, etc. I had been dreaming of creating things using luxurious fabrics ever since I started sewing, so I am making this a priority in 2022.

I also don’t think I’m “Advanced Intermediate” level either…but I’m getting there! The Viking says goals are just that..goals. NOT deadlines. That goal seemed really important to me at the start of 2021 but now not so much. Honestly I don’t really care what level I am in. Just want to be able to have the knowledge to create! I have a lot of new books about couture and patternmaking and it has been such a joy reading and studying them the past couple of weeks.

2021 Goals Made

Learned buttons and buttonholes PJ set during Sewing Bee in March

Learned draping– Started reading/studying this in Jan. (I don’t ever expect to be a master at this, lol- this will be a life long learning thing)

Self drafted patterns– Colored denim Peacock dress Sewing Bee in March, Anniversary Contest Quilt dress in November

Quilting– Took my 1st sewing class in Jan, made a table runner in April (was not blogged), and 2 quilt tops Oct & Nov

I also learned more couture style techniques and handsewing. This was not a goal but it happened!

Even though garment sewing sits at #3 on the list, I’m really proud of the clothing I did make in 2021. Everything was well sewn and I can see my sewing skills progress over the course of this year.

Sidenote- The most viewed blog post was my frankenpattern terno top, probably because those butterfly sleeves are so unique. Looking back, that IS a pretty cool looking top paying homage to the Philippines national dress.

These garments are also the highlights of my year! That PJ set gets a lot of usage and the self-drafted dresses reflect my personal style the most. And I think it’s pretty awesome I made a few quilt tops too. Even with my sew-jo lost for a few months it still was a very productive sewing year.

Now it’s time to close out this chapter. I bid farewell to 2021 and to you a Happy New Years Eve. Hey 2022- see you soon!

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