Christmas Quilts Part 2 (October Completion)

Christmas Quilts Part 2 (October Completion)

Let’s keep it going, shall we?!

Quilt #4: Nine Patch Sailboat

The leaves haven’t turned colors yet.
EQ8 Computer Rendering. I love this program!

Pattern: Nine Patch

Book: 3 Yard Quilt Favorites

Changes: Added an additional row on the side and bottom. Used 2.5″ binding strips

Size: Oversized throw 53″ x 71″

Completion Time: 3 days

Notes: I used EQ8 to preview before it was sewn. This is the second time I’ve sewn this pattern . I like the way this one turned out too- probably because it’s so busy. I seem to like the ones with a lot of stuff going on!

Recipient: My brother. This brother is the one who gets on me (teasing) for sewing for Pia the doll. He always says I should be sewing for people, LOL. Well he got his wish! I chose the sailboat pantograph for him since he loves to sail. It really is a custom piece! I could tell he really loved it when he received it.

Quilt #5: Yellow/Blue Floral Window Quilt

Pattern: Through the Window

Book: Pretty Darn Quick

Changes: None, sewn exactly as the pattern instructions

Size: Lap Size 44″ x 60″

Completion Time: 3 Days

Notes: This pattern is another repeat. The fabric was from a quilt kit I purchased from Fabric Cafe. I wanted to enlarge it while it was being made but sadly it sold out.

Recipient: My aunt. She commented on how much she liked my previous quilt. So I made one for her. Her favorite part was the contrasting bright yellow backing and how feminine it looks. I thought the colors would look great on her blue and white gingham couch.

Now we’re getting into the Sports Quilts!

Quilt #5: Old Dominion University Quilt

My cousin commented on how this the football/helmet pantograph was “great attention to detail”. LOL

Pattern: Ashford Square

Book: Quilts in a Jiffy

Changes: Added an additional row on the side and bottom. Used 2.5″ binding strips. Pieced the back with the leftovers.

Size: Oversized throw 50″ x 68″

Completion Time: 7 days

Notes: Pieced back again! I LOVE the backing on this. You can’t really tell from the pictures, but there is a subtle shine on the light blue vertical stripes that gives it a little sparkle.

Recipient: My Aunt/Uncle family. They are Old Dominion University grads/fans and get football season tickets every year. My aunt says she will NOT bring it to tailgating but will show it off to her friends in the safety of her own home, lol.

Quilt #6: Baltimore Ravens Quilt

These were some of the last to get pictured so unfortunately the lighting isn’t as good. But you can get the idea.

Pattern: Ashford Square- again!

Book: Quilts in a Jiffy

Changes: Added additional row on side and bottom and enlarged the border. Used 2.5″ binding strips. Pieced the back with leftovers.

Size: Oversized throw 55″ x 72″

Completion Time: 2 days. Every time I make a pattern again the days get shorter and shorter!

Notes: That backing gave me some trouble for some reason. I *really* dislike it turned out but the recipients loved it. I did like the black/copper speckle fabric I chose though. I’m not big on grunge fabric either but the grunge black borders really gave it some depth.

Recipient: My Sister-in-Law and her family. They are huge Baltimore Raven fans. They were SO surprised when they received it. They were already fighting over who would use it and what room it would go in, haha!

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