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Sewing Bee Sadness

Sewing Bee Sadness

The Sewing Bee contest is currently in full swing on Pattern Review. What is the Sewing Bee contest? Similar to Project Runway, the Sewing Bee is a sewing competition with 4 rounds. There is a theme. You don’t know the theme until DAY OF and then you have a whole week to execute your vision. There are judges who decide whether or not you get to move forward to the next round based on your contest entry/explanation. For those who are participating it can be pretty intense!Β  You have zero time to dilly dally. Lots of “make it work” moments with tight deadlines.

Last year I was cut after Round 2 but had such an incredible experience. It’s really hard to believe this time last year I hadn’t even sewn a buttonhole yet and now here I am self-drafting. I feel one of the best things about the Sewing Bee is the journey of self-discovery and camaraderie between the participants. It’s also just really fun coming up with crazy ideas and goofy photos, wondering if the judges are going to go for it.

Linking my recap from last year: I Got Stung by the Sewing Bee! – Rosie Sews Too

I was really looking forward to competing ever since they came out with the contest schedule. I was all set to go! Cleared the calendar, restocked supplies and even set my meal plan! But then I received word it was a “no go” from my doc and had to pull out before the contest even started. 😞

::cue violins::

Long story short, I have some health issues that are at risk from the potential stress of the competition. In the past after a contest I ended up with a enlarged spleen as soon as it was over. It hurt like all heck!! When I’m doing these things it doesn’t feel like stress…in fact, it’s seriously good times. But because of the short deadlines and hustle bustle my doc doesn’t want me to risk getting that spleen problem again (or anything else for that matter). But I do love it. The sewing…. not the pain.

So on this gloomy rainy day I sit here and partially sulk but at the same time stay positive. “Health is wealth”. I feel like a little kid who’s friends are all playing outside and I am forced to stay home and watch from the window. It’s quite amusing. It’s just sewing afterall.

Thinking of my next project….

I am distracted though. You know that feeling where you feel like somebody’s eyes are on you?! I keep on looking up to this doll staring at me. Homegirl doesn’t blink! Lol. Maybe she’s tired of her dress and wants a new one. πŸ˜‰

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