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My “Axl” Mullet Shirt-Skirt

My “Axl” Mullet Shirt-Skirt

OK, so the Guns n’ Roses concert was a blast and my “Axl” mullet skirt was a hit!

Believe it or not, this was the first time I’ve ever sewn something for an event. Most of the things I sew are just for the heck of it type of things, or for a contest. But I really enjoyed the experience going WILD with this skirt! Specifically, not worrying about finishing my seams or having careful and precise sewing. I also haven’t worn anything this short in years, LOL, so it was fun to have this special “ballgown” for the evening.😉

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Upon walking into Hard Rock Live numerous people were looking at my skirt. It has a very floaty way about it when you walk! At one point I noticed two ladies talking to each other and pointing at me. They called me over and asked me SO MANY QUESTIONS.

“What is that, a shirt?” “I see buttonholes.”  “A sleeve?” “Turn around??” They had such confused looks on their faces trying to figure it out.

I happily explained my upcycle, excited and proud of what I had created! Both ladies asked if I sold the skirt. I kindly said “No, I don’t”, and then they both proclaimed they’d buy it right off me right then and there.


I mean, I knew it was a very unique looking outfit but I didn’t think someone would be interested in buying my shredded mess of a sew, lol.

Honestly I really wasn’t expecting so much attention wearing it but the entire thing just made me laugh. I’ve had people look at my outifts before, but never have I ever been approached with so many QUESTIONS about what I am wearing. It definitely added to the fun of the concert.

As for the concert itself…..of course it was AMAZING. Slash is just on another level. If I am going to lose my hearing, it’ll be at the hand of this man. And it would be an honor sir, lol (semi-serious)

But since this blog is about fashion/sewing, I will expand on that. I have to say I was a little disappointed in Axl’s fashion level this time around. Overall his stage outfits were more subdued. They were still eye catching but more modern. I was looking forward to some more ripped jeans, plaid and crazy hats. He didn’t even rock the bandana!

Oh Axl, how could you?!

But Axl did wear some really cool looking jackets. Like this sequined blazer and the shiny leopard number.

He looked more Elton John-ish and less Axl Rose in my opinion. But the fashion still works for him. Maybe the other outfits were too distracting or someone thought they weren’t “age appropriate”. I don’t know if they have stylists or what, but personally I really like the off the wall looks. It’s part of his style/personal brand! By the way…. age is just a number. 😉

I’m also absolutely mesmerized by his bling rings. They make my eyeballs swirl.


Can’t wait for Guns n’ Roses to release their 2024 tour schedule so I can start planning my next outfit. I’m definitely gonna make The Viking a shredded denim vest with this gigantor patch on the back, lol!

Hope to see you next year Hard Rock Live Hollywood, Florida!

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      Oh, you looked amazing! Thank you for sharing this experience! Btw, my husband mentioned that there are some great musicians’ earplugs that will attenuate all frequencies evenly, so you can get the full experience without listening at 100 dB LOL. We both like your skirt 🙂

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        Thank you so much Abbey!! And thanks for the earplugs tip. I will look into those. We had the foamy earplugs but you really can’t get the full effect. Still a blaring good time though, lol.

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