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April Showers Bring May Flowers

April Showers Bring May Flowers

May is here.

I have been absent. Since it is extremely personal and this is a sewing blog, I will refrain from writing about it. Just know that the month of April contained not only the highest joys of my life, but also my deepest lows.

Pia the doll has been with me since the very beginning. I bought her before it all started.

I joke about the doll “watching” me. Pia has witnessed my happy tears and sad tears. Because of this, she has become more special to me. Just as when you are a kid and your favorite doll is always within an arm’s reach, this doll has been there, calmly sitting on my desk. Observing it all.  Even though she’s just a toy, Pia has become more like a friend. I don’t talk to her. But there’s something oddly comforting knowing she’s been with me on this emotional rollercoaster. With her blank stare and perma-smile, she somehow brings light to these dark days.

I don’t have the mental concentration to start a major project right now. I am not feeling that social either. But the fresh air, the blooming tulips and the slow return to sewing has gotten me a bit more excited about the future. I know after all the crippling darkness there is always light and hope. I have Faith that there will be many more sunny days again. And I’m feeling well enough to blog here again, so that’s a good thing!

Over the weekend I sewed the borders onto a UFO quilt from November, officially taking it out of “unfinished” status. I lack the concentration to learn free motion quilting so I am going to take to get professionally longarmed this week. I want to start enjoying the quilt right away. I look forward to sharing this colorful quilt with you in a later blog post.

Also this week I will start making Pia sunshine yellow pajamas so she can rest nicely in her new bed. 

There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

I see the glimmer.

And I’m almost there.

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