Spring Break or Bust 2024

Spring Break or Bust 2024

Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful and Happy Easter. ūüôā 

I just returned from Colonial Williamsburg, VA with my knitting friend for Spring Break. Four days filled with food, shopping, exploring, spa time, knitting and crocheting. Unfortunately it rained almost the entire trip but we still had a good time. It’s always nice to have a change of scenery.

The rain finally stopped on our last day so we went Geocaching (scavenger hunt) at Waller Mill Park. It was wonderful to be outside smelling the fresh air. I just love being in the trees, especially after it rains.

Can you smell this photo?

Minnie, her miniature schnauzer went on break with us too! I never had a pet growing up so being with a dog was a real eye opening experience. We did a little photoshoot on the William and Mary campus. What a photogenic dog!

President Minnie

Since my friend and I are both “vintage” and LOVE the 80s, I made a “cassette tape” pouch for our road trip souvenier. It is self-drafted based off of images I saw off of Pinterest and Etsy.

This was the first time I used the embroidery settings on my sewing machine. Oh my goodness what fun did I have! Just creating the names of the “tapes” cracked me up.¬†

The best part about this project is that it is budget friendly. I used craft felt and some scraps for the lining. The felt will be more durable for throwing in and out of your bag.

Construction is a combo of sewing, topstitching and the usual method of pouch making. Sewing the lining and flipping it inside out.

Options are endless for this project! What makes it extra special is the personalization/tape name. You could get really creative. It’s nice because it doesn’t have to be perfectly sewn. In fact, I think some variation gives it more character.

Finished measurements are about 3.5″H x 5.25″L . My extra phone charger and airpods fit perfectly in the pouch.


Great tunes.

If you want to make something similar, here are some ideas for tape names… some I made up and some are from the internet. ¬†Hopefully these names will get your creative juices flowing.

80’s Throwbacks

M’s Oldies

Love Songs

Slow Jams

Busta Move

Pop and Lock 

Reunion ’24

S’s R&B Mix


Jetset Jams

80’s Synthpop 

Smooth Jazz

Motown Magic

Classic Rock

Yacht Rock

Golden Grooves

Coffeehouse Acoustic

Goal-Getter Grooves

Motivational Magic

Book on Tape

Jungle Beats

Timeless Tunes

P’s Punk Rock

Retro Radio Rewind

Serene Soundscapes

Y2K Throwbacks

Party Mix

Emo Hits Vol 1

Dancing with Myself 

Death Metal 

The cassette tape pouch was a hit! My friend loved it! I really love it too. A small useful pouch with a cute and cool vibe. Now every time I take it out of my bag I’ll remember our Spring Break 2024.

All smiles

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