A Little Less Conversation A Little More Action

A Little Less Conversation A Little More Action

August came and went, wowza. My lack of updates has been due to more unexpected circumstances which kept me away from writing. But I didn’t stop sewing! I have one quilt that I haven’t shared yet (needs pics) and one currently at the longarmer. So I am a little behind, please bear with me.

I have, however, have gone into Elf Mode this week. Yep, Christmas sewing has commenced! I even listened to Christmas carols the other day while cutting fabric. It was a little strange listening to Bing crooning about Santa when the leaves are just starting to turn. But it’s getting me excited for the holidays. My plan is to complete all Christmas gifts by early November.

Being done by Thanksgiving means freeing up the rest of the year for garment sewing. I haven’t sewn any clothes since Kermes!! I wasn’t expecting this year to be so heavy on Quilting but hey, that’s life right….the unexpected and unplanned?! Sewing for dolls was never on my radar either. But I’ll save all that reflection til the end of the year. There are still 3 months left and I have a lot of “factory sewing” to do.

So how about a little less conversation and a little more action?! Elvis music is coincidentally motivating. 😉

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