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To Me From Me: Crochet Wrap

To Me From Me: Crochet Wrap

This past February I started crocheting a scarf.  I worked on it for 2 weeks and eventually it fell into UFO status. Once Springtime rolled around the motivation to make a scarf dwindled.


Recently we took a trip to Lancaster, PA. Remembering how portable crochet projects are, I dug out the scarf to start crocheting again. Oh how easy it is to forget! It just so happened the comfy chair in our vacation rental had a homemade crochet blanket on it. I thought about how much love Grammy Steffy put into it. This gave me the motivation to finish.

Here is the pattern I used-

Free Pattern:  Shimmer Crochet Wrap from Just Be Crafty – I’m always so grateful for those who share their knowledge so generously over the internet. Thank you!❤️

Yarn: Lion Brand Heartland Yarn in Kobuk Valley/Light eggplant purple

3.5 skeins.

The pattern is the same stitch -double crochet and single crochet- over and over, skipping one stitch, back and forth until you reach your desired length.  The free pattern also has an accompanying YT tutorial, with an option to purchase written directions on Etsy.

This is an excellent pattern and will guarantee you mastery in the DC and SC by the end of it. It looks really complicated but it is totally doable as a beginner. Yes, I’m raving so much because I am in love with the end result. Looks like I’ve been crocheting for years.

I finished my scarf at 62 inches, about the length of my tape measure. This length is just right since I’m only 59 inches tall, lol. When I started it up again I accidentally crocheted in the wrong direction (hence the line directional differences) but it’s all good. I consider it a historical thing- like the rings on a tree, haha! It’s still warm. 😉

I am VERY happy with how it turned out. Couldn’t you tell by all my selfies? LOL.

I would definitely make this pattern again. 5 star pattern for sure. I love the texture…so much so that I kinda wanna make a blanket…eventually. I’m intimidated by all the chaining that happens in the beginning….up to 100+. Wowza.

So satisfying

After completing this project I’m obsessed! Crocheting is so relaxing! It’s not mindless though, because sometimes you have to count while you go. But it’s the mix of the repetitiveness and the feel of the yarn that makes it so addicting. I really like it a lot and find myself thinking “just one more row” and completely zoning out. Before I know it hours have passed and that one more row turned into ten.

The advantage of crocheting is that it’s portable and can be done anywhere. Unlike sewing, not much is needed…just yarn and a hook that can easily fit into one bag.  Don’t worry though, I’m not going to ditch sewing altogether. Both are creative outlets and I enjoy them both.


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