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Skeleton Dress

Skeleton Dress

What to say about this dress? It was an unplanned project. But I am finding that these unplanned projects that sneak into your queue are quite liberating. I didn’t take a lot of construction photos of this one either. I just let Pia guide me in what she wanted.

After the Apple dress she wanted something that was less “cutesy”. I guess she wants to look more grown up. I thought this fabric was perfect since it’s Halloween theme but still in that pastel color realm she seems to like so much.

Always supervising.

I love how the skeleton waves “hi”, lol. I purposely put it front and center.

I used Butterick 6265 View A. It’s only 3 pieces (front, back and skirt) so it’s a simple sew, but I am not sure how I feel about the sleeves. I think I like set in sleeves better and prefer more fitted clothes.

Despite that, the pattern is 5 stars and I recommend it for everyone! Butterick 6265 pattern review by RosieSews2

The trim on the sleeves is cordless piping. I pulled it out when gathering the sleeves. Too much bulk. I left the cord in around the waistband. The pattern has a black petticoat which gives it it’s fluffy skirt.

Inside out

Last minute Pia wanted ruffly trim on the bottom hem, so it ended up being a little longer than the pattern. I wish she would tell me these things when it’s still in the flat stage. Kinda annoying to go back and sew it in the round. If she told me earlier I could have cut a longer hem on that petticoat and have it peeking out. Bah, so typical of this gal!

Picky lady

The final product.

Try on time.

Her shoes are the original Chucks she wore when I bought her. Paired with the skeleton dress it makes for a pretty funky outfit!

My Skeleton dress

Now she chills while she waits for me to sew her Halloween costume.

My spoiled buddy.

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