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McCalls M6996- Foil Ponte Jacket

McCalls M6996- Foil Ponte Jacket

And here we are! The final piece from the Wardrobe Contest. My floral ponte jacket. My absolute favorite thing I’ve sewn so far. My piece de resistance.

I had mentioned that this jacket was one I had envisioned since July, even before I started sewing clothes.  The fabric swatch from Mood was part of the first swatch packet I ordered so it had been with me for four months. Early on I loved it so much I even put it in my purse and showed my friends, lol. I saved this jacket sewing project for last because I knew it’d be that final curtain call and I wanted to relish in that sense of accomplishment. To see something I had envisioned so long ago come to life- wow!

I chose McCalls M6996, a normal looking cardigan/jacket in the front. The back, however is what caught my eye. It has a beautiful flounce back. It’s totally a “Business in the front party in the back!” situation. This was one pattern I bought early on, not even knowing that it was so popular on PR. (There are over 75 reviews on this thing! ) I made a muslin since I wanted the flounce to hit the right place on my back. To my surprise it actually ended up being ok without any adjustments. Like the cardigan, it wasn’t that much actual sewing. Two front sides, top half of the back, the back bottom flounce and sleeves.

Despite the way it looks it actually was a pretty easy sew. But also given I had sewn 8 different kinds of patterns previous to this for the contest nothing seemed that difficult anymore. (More on what I contest taught me later.)

The only hiccup I came across was that the foil faded SO BAD after I pre-washed it. All that was left was silver and black. Practically all of the beautiful purples and blues disappeared. I was so upset!!! I joked that it had become my funeral fabric.  I ended up re-ordering it because I was dead set on having that jacket in my life and it was such an important piece in the Wardrobe collection. It just meant so much to me.

One sleeve in.

I was absolutely THRILLED with the finished product and chose not to finish the sleeves or front. Instead I folded the collar down to show the solid black fabric back. It looks like a faux lapel blazer. I absolutely LOVE it. I tried it on with the matching  pants and boy was that a LOOK with a capital L!!!! The most (as the kids say) “extra” looking outfit I have ever owned, but also the most ridiculously fun one too!!! This outfit ended up being the rockstar of all the looks of the Wardrobe contest.

Finally I had proven to myself that what I envision in my mind I can execute and make happen. This was a sewing dream come true. And it only took a few months to get there.

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