Gift Tags- Fake Out

Gift Tags- Fake Out

We celebrated Christmas early with the Viking’s family over the weekend. When it came time for presents, I watched in anticipation as they opened their DIY gifts. Their eyes lit up in delight at the large hotpad and were particularly appreciative of the size. You can never have too many potholders! I was expecting this.

Something else happened that I was not expecting though. They moved on to open the next present in queue.

I think to myself, “Wait, what, that was it??!” No “Wow this is great, nice work on the quilting”…NOTHING??!

Talk about anti-climatic.

But then the sewing topic came up and all the sudden they stopped opening the current present in their lap, reached back for the potholders again and said, “YOU MADE THESE???!!” They start examining them more, looking at the craftsmanship (if you want to call it that, lol) and reading the gift tag more closely.

THERE IT WAS!!! Finally the reaction I had been waiting for! LOL. It turns out my plastic tag faked them out and they thought I had actually bought them from the store!

Playing “Store” in MS Word

I could not be more amused by the whole ordeal. In my attempt to make it look legit it was mistaken for actually being store bought. My homemade gift tag was TOO effective! Lol. They said the plastic tag threw them off. I haven’t told a lot of my family members about the blog either so they just skimmed my advertisement on the gift tag and thought nothing of it. The whole thing gave me such a good laugh.

I can only imagine how the rest of the family will react when we open presents again on Christmas day. They might have the same reaction! The joke is totally on about the DIY gift that keeps on giving!

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