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My New “Learning Tool”

My New “Learning Tool”

Since I’ve been practicing darts on the quarter scale it had me thinking. How about I try sewing on a smaller scale? It’d be a good way to practice ideas and techniques without wasting fabric. Plus then I can use up scraps! I did some research and all the half scale body forms were about $100+, which is out of budget for a practice tool. I’d rather use that money on a full scale form.

(enter stage left): DOLL

Meet my latest learning tool: Lili

She is an 18″ Our Generation doll and a knockoff of the popular American Girl doll.

Am I really keeping this thing

I know it seems kinda strange. I had reservations myself. Here I am- turning 40 this year- in the toy aisle at Target, scanning through boxes of toys looking for Lili. I never thought I’d be wrapping up my third life decade by purchasing a doll. And this doll isn’t for my (unborn) child either…it’s for me!!

She’s been sitting in the box staring at me for the past 24 hours. I’m on the fence about keeping her. Do I really want to sew for this thing, lol. Sometimes dolls creep me out. Mostly the ones that talk…I’m looking at you Teddy Ruxpin.

Why are you so creepy

As cute as the My Buddy doll is, the Chucky movies pretty much ruined it for me.

My Buddy / Chucky ( Photo cred:

Similar to the babydolls I had as a child, Lili has eyes that open and close when she lays down. I don’t know if that’s scary or what… (especially if one eye gets stuck in a winking position lol) but I’m getting used to her and know she’ll be valuable in learning/creative sewing. If get tired of her staring at me I will donate the doll and her entire home-sewn wardrobe to a lucky little girl.

Sidenote: Barbie was my favorite toy as a child. I swear it’s her fault for me loving fashion so much. All those fun clothes! I don’t remember if I’ve shared this story before, but when I was about 5(?) years old I picked up a needle and thread and tried to sew a pillow for her. I even put cotton balls in it! But being just a tot I inevitably pricked my finger, drew blood and cried, lol. My mom took it away and that was the first and last memory of me ever trying to sew. But even back then the sewing interest was there…and apparently I always wanted to sew for my Barbie.

My 1st Barbie. She never got her pillow

So I dunno the psychology of it all- if I have unfinished business buried somewhere deep in the unconscious, but here I am, 34 years later about to sew for a doll. LOL! I know adult doll collecting is a thing (I’m not trying to get to an entire doll room level) but I’m pretty sure sewing for Lili is going to be fun. They even have doll sewing patterns…and a lot of them are free online!

Carrying my baby doll. Looking like a Cabbage Patch Kid myself.

I scanned some of the directions and already see the value of this whole schpiel. The method of garment construction is the same, just on a smaller scale. The options for creativity are about the same too…if not MORE! In real life unless you are cosplayer/costumer/historical actor (which I am not) there is no reason to create a ton of costumes for every day living. But in the Doll World you can pretty much sew whatever you want because she’ll just be sitting (standing?) on the shelf anyway. Plus there is no fitting really and you can just velcro it all closed.

This sewing journey (and writing about it) continues to humor me. I just convinced myself to finally take Lili out of the box. Just remember, Lili is a “learning tool”, not a toy.😉

Ready for some new clothes

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