Wardrobe Contest 2020: Second Place

Wardrobe Contest 2020: Second Place

After I submitted my entry I anxiously waited for a week for the results. Did I really have a chance?! I finally revealed to my friends that I had been learning how to sew since June and showed them what I had created. I don’t know why I felt so secretive about it but I guess sometimes you just want to live your life privately. (Another reason why I had not started a blog). I sent pictures to my mom too, who sent it all around to the family group texts and even extended family! LOL! My stuff went viral in a matter of minutes and I hadn’t even given her the green light to do so. But I know she was very proud of what I had created and I am happy to show it all off.

I was completely overwhelmed with all the kind words of encouragement and compliments I was receiving all around. I didn’t realize I would have that much support, afterall, it’s just clothes. But the results came out and I was so surprised when I won 2nd place in the contest!!! The contests on PR is by member popular vote, so that means they liked my collection enough to vote for me! I felt so honored and overwhelmed with all the nice compliments people were leaving on my reviews. When looking at the contest gallery everyone had done such a great job so I really didn’t know how my collection was going to be received. My collection was pretty bold and possibly even “too loud” in comparison to everyone else.

I feel really proud of what I accomplished in a short amount of time.  I absolutely LOVED the whole experience and feel that my collection is the total extension of me- it’s my baby! And as you moms know your baby is your baby and it really doesn’t matter what anyone says or thinks. When I think about what I created it just makes me so happy. Just like how when you think about your children you feel happy!

My prize is a $50 gift certificate to Fabric Mart! Which is perfect since I’ve only been shopping at Joanns, Mood and Vogue Fabrics. It’s nice to venture out and discover new sources for anything sewing related because that means I get to shop some more, lol. I am glad I have a new fabric supplier option and am really excited. Fabric Mart has designer deadstock too! Pattern Review also sent me a nice “I won” badge to display on my blog. This was just another sign for me to start a blog.

The sewing cycle will continue.🙂

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