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10 Reasons Why Being a Beginner is Fun

10 Reasons Why Being a Beginner is Fun

In September I felt the need to proclaim my newfound love for sewing so I posted this on a sewing forum. To my surprise someone asked if I was a professional writer, LOL. That gave me a good laugh but it did spin my gears into possibly starting a blog.

Reasons Why I Think Being a Beginner is Fun:

1. Everything is new! Learning how to sew is a great life skill to have. From mending existing clothing to creating your own it’s fun and interesting to see how clothing is constructed.

2. Customization! It’s fun to pick out your own fabrics and see your creation come to life.

3. Increasing other skills. Sewing allows me to work on fashion illustration too, so sharpening my drawing skills is a bonus when learning how to sew.

4. Everything fits! Gone are the days where something is too big, too small, too long or too short.

5. Life lessons! Sewing is a test of patience. There will be times you get frustrated- because of the fabric, the machine or whatever it may be- but being able to take it all in stride is always a good thing.

6. Productivity! Working towards the end goal of a finished product is always so satsifying.

7. Nobody else has it! Having a one-of-a-kind dress or top makes you feel so special!

8. New Friends! I am starting to make new sewing friends at my local sewing shops and through pattern review. I’m beginning to speak their language.

9. Brain Usage. Lol, your gears definitely turn when you’re trying to put together and sew a cohesive wardrobe that all matches.

10. Being able to say: “Thank you, I made it myself.” 🙂

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