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Simplicity 8926 Bottoms View E

Simplicity 8926 Bottoms View E

What is it about me and purple??! Everything I’ve been sewing lately and attracted to has been PURPLE. I don’t know why…it’s not even my favorite color! According to, the color purple “enlightens, inspires, uplifts and encourages”. Maybe I am subconsciously attracted to it because I do feel uplifted when I see the completed garment.

Let’s do this!

These pants were a fun project! I always find pants construction so interesting. You are sewing the crotch with the fronts facing each other and the backs facing each other. Then you diagonally flatten it out and they look like pants!

Since the design repeat was vertical against the selvages, I had to cut each piece out separately and differently than what the pattern envelope suggested. I am already kinda weird about wearing printed bottoms so having horizontal stripes across my bum and legs was not a look I was going for! This created more work for myself but it was worth it for the design to go up and down in a vertical stripe.

I couldn’t help but laugh when I accidentally sewed the pocket on shut. Now I know you’re supposed to sew each pocket flap separately 4 times- two on the front and two on the back. Then join them together. For some reason I sewed the pocket together to create the pocket, then sewed on the front, resulting in stitching the entire thing closed. Oops!

I opted not to put the cording in because I really don’t like pants with drawstring unless they are pajama pants. But even then I’m not really a fan. Even though this was an enjoyable sew, the result was different than I expected. To me they look a little bunchy in the front and I don’t particularly like the skinny waistband. It uses only 0.5″ elastic. It also feels a bit pajama-ish. Nevertheless they are comfortable. I think it’s the design of the pattern but I am not used to this style.

100% cotton fabric is so easy to press, hence easier to make things look neat. In fact I got so obsessed with neatness I decided to use the mock french seam/overcast stitch all over the inside. Yes, I could have just pinked the inside but it was really fun zoning out and sewing it all shut. I feel that this could be my “go-to” finishing method. Goodbye cut ends!

The cleanest inside I ever did see, lol.

I had originally planned on wearing the top and bottom as an outfit but the proportions are way off and are not flattering on my frame. I thought about putting darts into the back of the pants or slimming down the leg.

Style Analysis: Proportions are way off. Shoes are wrong, ankle strap cutting my leg down even more. NUDE espadrilles is a better option. (I don’t own!)

Ultimately I decided not to invest more time in alterations since I have so many other pants patterns to try instead! I’m certain I own a pants pattern that’ll work with this top as an outfit-I just have to sew through them all to find it! I’m ok with this because the pieces are great standalones.

S8926: View B with RTW jeans, View E accessorized, and B+E!

Even though the pants aren’t the best fit, I am still able to make them work with a little of styling- hence my Diva look with the hat, lol. I’m happy with the looks and am thrilled I was able to sew 2 out of the 3 patterns in the envelope. I plan on making the dress too at some point. I do like that square neckline! Got my $2 worth- it’s all about cost per use! 😉

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