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Introductions Have Been Made

Introductions Have Been Made

What is happening here? I feel like Pia is going to hulk out that there are new gals in town. Like an enraged Godzilla swatting the helicopters.

Giant Pia is about to squash these ladies.

As you know, I’ve truly enjoyed sewing for Pia. But Pia can’t wear everything. Frilly dresses and princess costumes- sure. But pageant gowns, mini skirts or body con dresses- no way! Those dresses don’t suit her body type.

“Hey, hi, HELLO?! I’m Barbie!!!!”
I don’t think Pia is a fan. Especially since her doll moved next to Lunar Barbie.

That’s where Barbie comes in. The confident fashionista. She looks spectacular in everything. Even a hootchie mama dress! 

Here are my new toys. *Cough*, I mean models.

1989 Unicef Barbie and 2022 Lunar New Year Barbie

First up: Measure the gals. Blonde Barbie from the 80s and 2022’s Lunar Barbie have different body molds.

Can they wear the same clothes? Unfortunately, no they cannot.

Blonde Barbie is more busty and hippy than Asian Barbie. She cannot get the dress over her hips.

Bootylicious Barbie

Asian Barbie doesn’t fill out Blonde Barbie’s top. It’s too big.

Girl, I know the feeling!

They can, however, share shoes.

Analysis: Something about those blue shoes- they look so dated on Lunar Barbie. Even while wearing the matching dress I feel like they look out of place. Maybe it’s the shape. Or the wrong shade of blue. Too bright. Needs more a deeper jewel tone.

Blonde Barbie looks a bit scandalous in the modern day stilettos. Probably doesn’t help the red dress is half on too, lol

Oh the conundrum! I guess I’ll have to make them separate wardrobes…

Now I have THREE DOLLS to sew for! What in the world?! Digging myself a deeper hole. What is this crazy sewing journey I am on??! Lol

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