Jalie Loulouxe Skort: Disney/Lilla

Let’s continue on with more Lilla Pulister aka faux Lilly Pulitzer! 😉 I had some Disney fabric leftover from the Clara legging so how about a skort? The Loulouxe pattern is little more complex since it has shorts underneath. But nothing we can’t handle!  I sewed the pattern as is from the envelope as a wearable muslin. What I am finding […]

Tea Time Quilt

My Tea Time quilt I started last fall is officially out of UFO status! This post is well overdue. Due to the holiday hustle bustle it fell into the “unfinished object” world. Here we are 6 months later revisiting this colorful creation. There are so many great things about this quilt. The main one is that it’s a free pattern […]

Quick Update

Hi everyone! Just popping in to give a quick update on all my projects so far. Halloween quilt: I was finally able to take home the Halloween quilt top from my (former) workplace where it was on display.  I had hoped it would be put on the longarm at work but I will need to finish this one at home. […]

Handwarmers: Tiny Pillow of Toastiness

When my little brother found out I was learning how to sew, his eyes got big and said, “I have some fabric you might be able to use.” I was confused. Turns out he had cut the pant legs off his pajama pants to make shorts. (I guess he runs hot at night). He hands me the plaid flannel and […]

6 Month Sewing Anniversary

I have officially been sewing for 6 months today! I know it sounds cheesy that I’m keeping track, but I like to see my progress and reflect on it. I’m like that about life in general, so it’s natural that I would be doing this for my new hobby. When I started making masks back in June, I never thought […]

Noticeable Knits

When I was a little girl I used to cry if I had to wear pants. I just always wanted to wear a dress, preferably pink, and it BETTER have some kind of frilly lace or tutu, otherwise run the risk of a meltdown, lol. When I got older I still enjoyed wearing this style (sans meltdown) and loved Carrie […]

If At First You Don’t Succeed….

…..TRY, TRY AGAIN. I did. I sewed Simplicity 1563, a unisex pattern with lots of sleepwear options. I decided to go for  pajama pants again. I sewed a size XS and they fit way better. But I messed up on fabric, AGAIN. The fabric I chose was a lighterweight cotton from Joanns. I was happy with the end result but […]

10 Reasons Why Being a Beginner is Fun

In September I felt the need to proclaim my newfound love for sewing so I posted this on a sewing forum. To my surprise someone asked if I was a professional writer, LOL. That gave me a good laugh but it did spin my gears into possibly starting a blog. Reasons Why I Think Being a Beginner is Fun: 1. […]

Mask Mania

My mother lives about 4 hours away so I sent her a pic of me wearing my new mask, not thinking anything of it. Well guess what, she put in an order for 5. FIVE?!!! I thought that was a lot but she justified it saying that QVC sells them in 5 packs, lol. Her birthday was in June so […]