Halloween Quilt Top: Part 1

After 16.5 hours, the Halloween quilt is FINALLY done! Well, the quilt top at least.  The entire thing took about 9 days total, with me tinkering with it about 2 hours a day. I find that I cannot sew anymore than that, otherwise I go cross-eyed and the lines become wonky. But wowza! This quilt was quite a JOB but […]

FOMO: Fear of Missing out…but new challenges ahead!

Pattern Review is hosting a mini wardrobe contest this month. This contest holds a special place in my heart since I participated last year and won 2nd place! I had only been sewing for 4 months at the time and learned so much in that contest period. This time around though it’s only 5 garments- 3 tops and 2 bottoms […]