Little Basic Dress Contest 2020: First Place

WOW!!! My deep plum dress won first place in the PR Little Basic Dress contest!!! Gosh. I feel so honored that it got so many votes! I’m speechless. The sheath dress silhouette had so much versatility and I really enjoyed putting all the looks together. It makes me smile to think that half of them I modeled using a RTW […]

It’s Showtime! LBD Submission

November 31st arrived, the final day of the contest. I had finished the dress the day before but by 3pm I was POOPED. The Viking asked me if I wanted to take pictures and I just couldn’t muster the energy. We decided to take the pics early before he left for work the next day. I didn’t go all out […]

Simplicity 1314- Little Basic Dress

Simplicity 1314 is a Cynthia Rowley pattern I found at Fabric Hut, a fabric store in Norfolk, VA. They had out of print patterns there and I picked it up. The girl on the front was wearing this dress with a faux-leather panel and I was completely intrigued by it. I thought about making this version for the contest but […]

Little Basic Dress Contest- Here we go again!

I was so high off my placing in the Wardrobe Contest that I decided to join the Little Basic Dress contest last minute. The contest ran from November 1-31. Wardrobe Contest ended the 15th, and I joined the LBD contest on the 17th, 2 days later. The whole thing I pulled together in a ridiculous amount of time. I am, […]

Wardrobe Contest 2020: Second Place

After I submitted my entry I anxiously waited for a week for the results. Did I really have a chance?! I finally revealed to my friends that I had been learning how to sew since June and showed them what I had created. I don’t know why I felt so secretive about it but I guess sometimes you just want […]

Wardrobe Contest Recap

I was chugging along with full speed ahead for a good month. Come October I made some changes to the plan. Like life things don’t always go as planned. Changes- Replace face mask accessory with polka dot/stripe scarf, headband, belt combo – I didn’t even bother talking about this because it was just such a simple piece. A piece of […]

Wardrobe Contest Plan

I was so excited about creating this wardrobe collection I couldn’t sleep. Seriously. I woke up early in the mornings thinking about it. “Could I really do this?!”, I asked The Viking. He said I could do it. (He’s always right.)  I find that when you’re scared of doing something, it sometimes means it’s good for you. You learn so […]

Wardrobe Contest 2020

Here we are getting into the truly exciting part of my sewing journey thus far! In early September I was perusing the sewing forums on PR and saw that they would host a Wardrobe Contest, running 2 months from Sept 15-Nov 15. The first place winner would receive $100 gift certificate from Fabric Mart. The 2nd place would receive a […]